For Your Consideration: Parks and Recreation, 2.07 “Greg Pikitis”

My favorite thing about Parks and Recreation is Leslie Knope. And Ron Swanson. And Tom Haverford. And April and Andy. So basically, everyone but Ann. Nobody likes Ann. “Greg Pikitis” is a great episode in that it highlights exactly what I love about Leslie- her determination and over the top, can-do attitude. Plus it gives her a Moriarty of her very own. And we all know everyone loves a villain.


Leslie Knope has an arch-nemesis and his name is Greg Pikitis. And his reign of Halloween terror (aka defacing a statue of Mayor Percy every Halloween) ends today. IT ENDS TODAY. It’s fun to see her all riled up over a high school kid. Not at all creepy.

Not at all.

Not at all.

Pikitis is one of the those annoying kids that you find in every high school. You know, he thinks he’s more charming than he is. He does smug things like eat a peach right in front of your face and tell you that you look nice.

How could Ann not invite Tom Haverford to her Halloween party? He’s so much fun and the person most likely to bring his own liquor. It will probably poison you if you drink it, but yay for free liquor!

Leslie’s dedication to catch Pikitis is somewhat overwhelming. Her annotated map of the area between his house and the park is intense. I have to agree with Ann for once.

pikitismap pikitismap2

Louis CK is Leslie’s boyfriend Dave and he is perfect. Every scene between the two of them is absolute comedic gold. Por ejemplo:

LESLIE: Okay, Andy. Good news. You’re officially on the Parks Department payroll. $8 an hour. [Holds up picture of Greg Pikits] Commit this to memory. You see him, you stop him. Knock his head off if you have to.
DAVE: Don’t do that.
LESLIE: Don’t do that. But I give you permission to use excessive force.
DAVE: Don’t use excessive force.
LESLIE: Don’t go overboard. Just stop him. By any means necessary.
LESLIE: No. Just stop him. You know what I mean.
Dave shakes his head no behind her.

I like that even Ron Swanson knows you don’t dress up as your occupation when you attend a Halloween party. The laziness on the part of the medical staff in this episode is shocking. All of the doctors are dressed as doctors and the nurses are nurses. Boring.

Leslie and Dave have the best stakeouts ever. Not only does Leslie provide a running commentary on her tape recorder, they get to make out. Why would Dave want to ruin it by going to Ann’s party?


Ann, on the other hand, officially throws the worst Halloween party when left to her own devices. While she gets bonus points for decorations, people are just milling around. Everyone knows you need kick ass music to make a party. No wonder April is less than impressed.

Pikitis completely trashed the Parks and Rec office. How did no one see him sneak in to do this? Government agencies always seem full of people. Even if the work day was over wouldn’t there be night janitors or security guards patrolling the place? Apparently not in Pawnee. Pikitis gets them and he gets them good.

Props to the doctor for telling Ann that her party is boring. I appreciate honesty. I also appreciate that he takes a bottle of wine that no one is drinking and a book he wants to read. That doctor has class. Still doesn’t know how to celebrate Halloween properly though.

Leslie’s attempt at an intense interrogation is kind of amazing. She wants Dave to take the lead, seeing as he’s “scary cute”, but it’s Leslie so we know who’s really in charge. So does Pikitis because of the lack of one-way glass in the Parks Department offices. Her scrunched up face is pretty adorable.


When all else fails (or your police officer boyfriend refuses to use pliers on your interrogatee), it’s time to call in the big guns- Andy Dwyer aka FBI Agent Bert Macklin. Would you like a cup of boiling hot coffee in your face? I think not. Detainees beware!


Tom Haverford arrives to spice up the party and not a moment too soon. Thank you, not only for singing “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit a Stripper)”, but for telling Ann to get her “raggedy ass over here”. You are now officially my favorite person ever.

Even Bert Macklin can’t withstand the evil that is Pikitis.


Sorry Dave, but Leslie would be the best cop ever. She doesn’t fall for Pikitis and his tricks. She knows he vandalised the office and left his peach pit calling card. Nothing is going to stop her from getting her confession!


Tommy T-Pain knows how to get the party going. Dim the lights and get the music pumping. Have doctors versus nurses drinking contests. Works every time.

Leslie and Andy embrace their inner children and toilet paper the Pikitis house. And Leslie is SO GLEEFUL. Until Dave shows up and busts her. At least it’s her boyfriend so she won’t get arrested?

Pikitis hires a fake mom from Craigslist to bail him out of trouble. Who would even think to do such a thing? I have to agree with Andy- that kid IS amazing.

Leslie finally catches Pikitis defacing the statue of Mayor Percy. Even though he won’t go to jail it, it’s still a win. Yay for Leslie.


Ann as Raggedy Ann and Mark as a basketball player

Ann as Raggedy Ann and Mark as a basketball player

April as a clown

April as a clown

Tom as T. Pain and Wendy as a cowgirl

Tom as T. Pain and Wendy as a cowgirl


LESLIE: “And I know it’s Greg Pikitis, but I’ve never been able to prove it. He’s like an invisible, adolescent, James Bond super-villain, criminal mastermind. Or maybe someone else is doing it, but I really feel like it’s this kid.”

LESLIE: “Suspect laughing with friends, and playing with his stupid skateboard in a snide, turdish manner.”



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