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Ch-Check It Out: All Things Halloween

Everyone knows that Halloween and October in general are two of my favorite things. Lucky for me, the folks at Baboon Creation feel the same way and made some adorable Halloween-related GIFs.¬†Favorites include Edward Scissorhands, Slimer, and Beetlejuice. Looking to build an awesome playlist for your costume party? Look no further! The Arts and Entertainment […]

Ch-Check It Out: Disney Characters Come to Life, Dubsmash, and Achilles Heels

Back for round two of amazing things I have found around the Internet this past few days/weeks. Please be sure to post your own funny/awkward/beautiful/amazing finds in the comments! Jirka Vinse Jonatan Vaatainen (sorry for the name butchery) has created portraits of Disney princes and princesses that look photo real. And DAMN. Totally confirms my […]

Ch-Check It Out: Badass Weapons, Dayman, and More

I’ve been mulling over doing a weekly or monthly post of all the cool things I’ve seen from other sites and want to share with the world. A lot of my favorite pop culture blogs do this and it’s been a fantastic way for me to learn about new sites and find amazing new reading/watching […]