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Late 2014/Early 2015 Cards

Yes, I am woefully behind on posting up the cards I have made over the past six months or so. What do want from me? I have a busy life of watching TV and (not) writing about watching TV. I have not been creating as much as I was when I worked part-time but I’ve […]

Look What I Made: February’s Cards

Last year I posted up the Valentine’s Day cards that I made for family and friends. This year I decided to go the handmade route again (surprise, surprise!). While I didn’t make any Jurassic Park themed cards like I promised last year, I think these turned out pretty cool. I wanted to keep it pretty […]

Look What I Made: January’s Cards

January has been a VERY busy crafting month. There have been a lot of happy events in the lives of my friends that I chose to celebrate by making cards. Now that the month is nearing an end and the cards have all been given/mailed to their respective owners, I can now share them with […]

Look What I Made: Christmas Party Flyer

2014 is apparently the year of crafting. I’ve been working on a ton of great stuff that I want to share with you guys, starting with a Christmas party flyer. Boyfriend co-owns a diner with Bestie’s Boyfriend (who is Boyfriend’s Bestie), and their employee Christmas party was scheduled for January 20th thanks to the craziness […]

Look What I Made: Lion CD Cover

For our anniversary I gave Boyfriend some handmade love coupons (which I may or may not post at a later date). He recently redeemed one for a burned CD, asking for some music to workout to. While picking music is fun and all, I wanted to do something to make it more than your average […]

Look What I Made: Christmas CD Cover

This year for Christmas I made Bestie a CD. I know it’s super lame and seems thoughtless but I swear a lot of thought and effort went into it, particularly the cover. As everyone knows, the most important part of a CD is the cover art. That’s the part that people remember in years to […]

Smash Your Heart Out

Last summer my mother introduced me to the concept of smashing or as I like to call it, smashbooking. I got super into it and recently got Bestie into it too with both of us smashing away in a shared book. It’s a really fun and easy arts-and-crafts project that I like to bust out […]

Look What I Made: Valentines

So I got it into my head a few weeks ago to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards. I would like to start by saying this is not normal behavior for me. My mother is the one who LOVES Valentine’s Day, decorating the house and giving us more presents than on Christmas. I guess I caught […]