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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

Day 1- A song you like with a color in the title “Black and Gold” / Sam Sparro (2008) The first time I heard this song was last summer. It was a live cover performed by Katy Perry for a radio show. I quickly became obsessed, searching out various versions on the web. I decided […]

30 Day Song Challenge

I had such a great time with the TV show challenge that I began looking at other challenges. I didn’t want it to have anything to do with TV and it needed to be something interesting enough to captivate my lovely audience. I stumbled across the 30 Day Song Challenge and thought that it was […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- Saddest character death WARNING: Spoilers from season five of Sons of Anarchy. Also, images that may be disturbing. I’m sort of known for getting highly attached to characters in the shows I watch. I just can’t help myself. You can only imagine my reaction when they die, I’m pretty much a sobbing, snotty […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 29

Day 29- Current TV show obsession The past few weeks I have been obsessed with Lost Girl, a Canadian supernatural series on SyFy. It follows a succubus named Bo who discovers she is part of the Fae world. She learns to control her powers and use them to help others, working as a private detective. […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 28

Day 28- First TV show obsession So, I don’t really remember my first TV show obsession, but thankfully my mom does. I have heard more than once how I had a killer internal clock as a child and would run to the TV before my favorite show came on, yelling “Mike Seaver!” That’s right. My […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 27

Day 27- Best pilot episode Pilot episodes are a tricky thing. There is a lot of information to introduce in a very short time. The best pilots manage to do this and make you want to come back for more. When I watched the pilot for Friday Night Lights, I didn’t just want to come […]

Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.22 As I Lay Dying

Elena is at her house, watching Jeremy sleep. It’s only semi creepy. She then wanders into Jenna’s room, sees it is empty and exits. Damon is in the hallway, there to apologize for forcing Elena to drink his blood. She tells him that she’ll need time to forgive him and he tells her to take […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 26

Day 26- OMG WTF? season finale Warning: Massive spoilers regarding the most recent season finale of The Vampire Diaries. I knew that I wanted to write about The Vampire Diaries for this post but I wasn’t sure which season finale to choose. “Founder’s Day” had the Gilbert device and Uncle John, the deaths of Mayor […]

Hey, Watch This!: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

I was given a lot of freedom as a teenager. I was once left alone for the week while my mom visited my grandparents in Florida. Despite this, I always longed for an extended chance to prove I could be an adult. You know, take care of the house and my brothers by getting a […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 25

Day 25- A show you plan on watching (old or new) I have heard amazing things about the show 24 from various sources and fully plan on watching it one day. Hopefully soon. Here’s what I’ve learned about the show so far: While I don’t have any particular feelings toward Kiefer Sutherland (other than he […]

Live Blog: Friends, 1.12 The One With the Dozen Lasagnas

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy. 1.12 The One With the Dozen Lasagnas – What is Ross humming? […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 24

Day 24- Best quote A quote that I find highly relevant and hilarious is from the “Temp-Tress” episode of Workaholics and I found a GIF of it. So bam! This is pretty much my life philosophy. When people don’t like me (even if it’s justified), I will hate on them so hard. Don’t ask me […]

Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.21 The Sun Also Rises

Tyler is prowling the Lockwood cellar in wolf form while Caroline and Matt are locked inside. He attacks the gate while Caroline holds it steady and Matt grabs a gun. Caroline tries to reason with him but he attacks again so Matt shoots him. Caroline reminds him that the wolf is still Tyler when she […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 23

Day 23- Most annoying character This challenge question was crazy easy to answer. I’m super forgiving of TV characters. I will stick by them as they make the worst decisions ever and still love them. That’s why the characters that piss me off really stand out. So here’s to you, Marissa Cooper. You suck. How […]

Boy Band Playlist

As most girls my age, I went through a major boy band period. During fourth through sixth grade Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and 98 Degrees were all the rage. Everyone had a favorite and would fight to the death to defend them. Throw in the lesser known bands (LFO, BBMak, O-Town, Five) and things get […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 22

Day 22- Favorite series finale I haven’t been a huge fan of the series finales that I’ve seen. There is always some element that I don’t particularly care for: it runs too long (The Office), it ends on a cliffhanger (Angel), couples that should be together aren’t (Veronica Mars) or major characters get killed off […]

Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.20 The Last Day

Damon is in bed at the Salvatore Boarding House, listening to Elijah talking with Elena and Stefan downstairs. He joins them as Elijah is saying that tonight is the full moon, so Klaus will probably attempt to break the curse. He explains that Klaus breaking the curse means that he will become a full hybrid. […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 21

Day 21- Favorite ship I find that these challenges keep getting harder and harder. While I hate the term “ship”, I do a fair amount of it. I can’t help it, I just get so damn invested in the lives of the characters. Especially in their love lives. I’ve written about half of my favorite […]

Live Blog: Friends, 1.11 The One With Mrs. Bing

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy. 1.11 The One With Mrs. Bing – I’m already a little excited […]

30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 20

Day 20- Favorite kiss Hardest challenge to date. I love when characters kiss on TV. It has led to cheering and tears and even fist pumping. It’s a real big to-do at my house. My most recent favorite kiss is between Nick and Jess on New Girl. It is crazy intense and full of passion. […]