Monthly Archives: July 2013

Unearthed Treasure: 90210 Soundtrack

In preparation for my big move this month (SO MUCH EXCITEMENT), I’ve been sorting through all of my belongings and cleaning out the junk. So far it’s been crazy successful and Goodwill has received five bags of clothes and shoes, six storage bins of books and at least five bins of various items. It’s been […]

Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 3.10 The New Deal

Bonnie walks through the woods to the abandoned dead witch house, voices whispering all around. She goes to the basement and sees four coffins. One of the coffins is raised higher than the others. She opens it and Klaus is inside, holding the Original Witch’s necklace. Bonnie reaches for it but hears a sound behind […]

Scarborough Memorial Park

I’ve been very into taking pictures recently. Well, back into taking them as I was shutter happy until about a year ago. I’m returning to form and excited to share the beauty I’ve captured. I hope you enjoy them too.

Two Lights State Park

Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth is one of my favorite places in Maine. I like to take a book and sit out on the rocks, feeling the ocean breeze roll over me. I went out to take some pictures and the ocean was just beautiful. Nothing can beat this view.

Fort Williams and Portland Head Light

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring around lately, trying to capture the local beauty before I leave it. Here are some of my favorite shots taken at Fort Williams and Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. Enjoy!


With the beautiful weather it’s been hard to stay inside. So I like to bring a little of the outdoors in with me.

Live Blog: Friends, 1.14 The One With the Candy Hearts

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy. 1.14 The One With the Candy Hearts – I can almost guarantee […]

Unearthed Treasure: Mixtape

I have been digging through my storage unit, cleaning house in preparation for my big move to NC (yay me!). I recently came across a box containing old mixtapes that I made. While they all have fantastic names (here’s looking at you ‘Depressing Songs for Depressing Days’) and some have awesome covers, one stood out […]

Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 3.09 Homecoming

Stefan is at the Salvatore Boarding House on a phone call with Klaus who is discussing the pros and cons of visiting Portland, Oregon. Stefan, showing a total lack of emotion, tells him that his father is dead. Klaus is shocked and asks for clarification so Stefan tells him that Mikael has been daggered. He […]

Pretty Things

I’ve been in a horrendous mood all day and want to see something pretty. I submit for your approval the view from my future home. Sometimes it’s nice to have pretty things.