Monthly Archives: April 2016

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 39

A song that you wish you could sing really well “Gravity” / Sara Bareilles (2004) Now this is a post that I can get behind. So many choices. Obviously I would like to be able to sing ALL of the songs really well but no can do that, not even Adele. Well, maybe Adele but […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 38

A song that you sing really well “I’m Wishing” / Adriana Caselotti (1937) It’s hard to answer this post without sounding like I’m bragging. Truthfully, I don’t think I sing any songs really well. I think I can do a serviceable job with certain songs when I really try but I’m definitely not trying out […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 37

An essential karaoke song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”/ Bonnie Tyler (1983) I don’t think I’ve ever sang karaoke (outside of friends’ living rooms). I have wanted to about a zillion times but no one will ever do it with me. Lame friends, I know. I recently tried to talk Bestie S into having a […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 36

Your least favorite cover song “Pumped Up Kicks” / Usher (2012) I freaking adore the original version of “Pumped Up Kicks”┬ádone by Foster the People. I love playing it on guitar and singing with Husband. We’ve played it at many an open mic (sorry bar-goers) and I always have a good time. I hate hate […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 35

Your favorite cover song “Love In This Club” / The Automatic (2008) I love a great cover song. There is something really great about artists putting their own spin on a old favorite (or current top 40 hit). One of my favorite recent covers (because I have oh so many and it has been well […]