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Top 5 Dream Jobs

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about changing jobs. I know, I know- who would dare to dream of leaving the glamorous life of retail behind? The answer is me. I hate retail with the burning passion of a million suns. I can’t wait for the day when shops no longer exist at all, just […]

Top 5 Favorite Fictional Bands: Animated TV Edition

In doing research for my favorite fictional bands I came to the realization that I watch a lot of cartoons. I don’t know if it’s considered weird for a thirty year old to watch as much animation as I do, but I’m just gonna roll with it. Here are my selections for best bands from […]

Top 5 Favorite Fictional Bands: Movie Edition

So many fabulous bands to choose from, so few spots on the list. Here are my picks for best fictional bands from movies. 1. 2ge+her – 2ge+her 2ge+her came out at the absolute best time possible: Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and Hanson were sweeping the pop music charts and stealing the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. Perfect […]

Top 5 Favorite Fictional Bands: Live Action TV Edition

Originally I was going to compile a list of five total fictional bands. How foolish I was. Once I started brainstorming all of the possible choices, I knew the list had to be split into at least two parts (if not three). Here are my picks for top five fictional bands from TV shows, live action […]

Top 5 ABC Family Shows

Anyone who has read this blog before knows I’m a huge fan of television shows aimed at teenagers (and of using the phrase “huge fan”). Maybe it’s because I miss the innocence associated with that time in life. Maybe I’m really immature. Maybe I’m definitely both of those things. Regardless, I know what I like […]

Top 5 Favorite Disney Channel Original Movies

My favorite thing about The Disney Channel when I was growing up (besides Bug Juice) were the original movies that aired every couple/few months. There was no greater thrill than seeing the previews announcing the newest movie. I was recently watching Halloweentown (because duh) and began thinking about my favorite DCOMs, the best of the […]

Top 5 Internet Distractions

I will be the first to admit that I am slightly addicted to the internet. I say slightly because I am so fond of reading (real books!) and also because work has nothing to do with computers unless you count the registers (which I don’t). This addiction means that I spend countless hours each week […]

Top 5 Favorite Books I’ve Read for School

Hello again! So much for my new year, new blog idea. Swell in concept but not very realistic. I am always underestimating how busy (read: lazy) I am. What’s a girl to do? Rather than beat myself up over it I decided to dive back into the world of writing while I have time (read: […]