For Your Consideration: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2.06 “Halloween”

Confession time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite television show. Ever. The amount of restraint that it has taken to not write about the show up to this point is astounding. I’m a really big fan of the early seasons in particular- two, three, and four. One of my favorite episodes of all time comes from season two- “Halloween”.



The intro is fantastic. Buffy uses pumpkins as weapons against a vamp and he uses a scarecrow to deflect her stake. I can think of no better way to start a Halloween episode than a trip to Pop’s Pumpkin Patch, which is pretty much the most delightful name ever.


Also great in the intro, the flashing low battery sign on the video camera of the second vamp hiding in the shadows. Isn’t it just so real to life?

The decorations at The Bronze while Angel waits for Buffy are beyond adorable. Tiny ghosts on the door and the paper spider web remind me of grade school projects done in art class.

Paper spiderwebs are the best.

Paper spiderwebs are the best.

Principal Snyder is fantastic. I love that he refers to Buffy as a juvenile delinquent and thinks that her Halloween plans exist of “tossing eggs, keying cars, bobbing for apples”.

What planet does this guy come from?

What planet does this guy come from?

I  personally think that costumes should be mandatory for all Halloween related activities. Totally Team Snyder on that one. You best believe I expect guests at my Halloween party to be in costume.

It’s cute that Xander wants to stick up for Buffy when Larry starts talking about how fast she is (and not in a marathon runner kind of way) but he needs to slow his roll on attacking her after she scares Larry off. If anything Larry is the one who would be labeled a sissy man for letting Buff get the best of him. Poor girl was just trying to help.


My high school library never decorated for Halloween. I feel ripped off.


Willow’s face while Buffy is trying to distract Giles so she can sneak into his office is priceless. Especially when Buffy blurts out that Ms. Calender thinks he’s a babe. An even better face? Giles’s after the girls take off. Really the entire scene is a treat.


So judgey.


I love that Willow tries to insult an illustration in the Watcher’s Guide by saying the figure’s waist is too small. That’s what best friends are for!

Of course Spike commissioned the home video shot in the pumpkin patch. I guess you don’t come to kill two Slayers without doing your homework first.

What is the costume that the little brunette boy in Buffy’s group is wearing? He kind of looks like a Mr. Potato Head.


The exchange between Oz and Cordelia while she looks for Devon is just great.

Cordelia: Oz. Oz.
Oz: Hey, Cordelia. Jeez, you’re like a great big cat.
Cordelia: It’s my costume. Are you guys playing tonight?
Oz: Yeah, at the Shelter Club.
Cordelia: Is Mr. I’m-the-lead-singer-I’m-so-great-I-don’t-have-to-show-up-for-my-date-or-even-call gonna be there?
Oz: Yeah, y’know, he’s just going by ‘Devon’ now.
Cordelia: Well, you can tell him that I don’t care, and that I didn’t even mention it. And that I didn’t even see you. So that’s just fine.
Oz: So, what do I tell him?
Cordelia: Nothing! Jeez! Get with the program.
Oz: Why can’t I meet a nice girl like that?

If I was a parent I’m not entirely sure that I would want random teenagers walking my children around. For all you know the teen could be a future serial killer and use your child as a training tool. Or, slightly less sinister, really bad at paying attention and lose your child.

The candles that Ethan burns during his ritual looks like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Willow is super quick to realize what’s going on. Not only does she figure out that she’s a ghost within minutes, but she stops Xander from shooting the demons running around, reminding him that they are really little kids. I don’t think I could get it together that fast in a similar panicky situation.

Does this look like the type of girl who knows what's going on?

Does this look like the type of girl who knows what’s going on?

Buffy fainting at the appearance of the demons is priceless. Another highlight: her shrieking demon when a car drives by.

demoncar1 demncar

Xander pushed open the kitchen door and yelled all clear without checking out any of the other rooms in the house. Major military fail.

Cordelia keeps up the snark even when terrified. Of course she would take this opportunity to be concerned about whether or not she will get the deposit back on her costume.

The fluttering of the note cards when Willow walks through the wall and scares Giles is fabulous. This is what I picture in my mind every time someone uses the word flustered.


Giles questioning Willow’s costume is brilliant. I too would like to know what kind of ghost looks like a street walker.


Spike just happens to be hiding behind a tree when Angel and company discuss Buffy not knowing who she is. That’s awfully convenient writers.

Buffy is back and quippy as ever! If would love to be able to pull off even half the sass that Buffy has.


Willow uses her new found confidence to walk down the street in her skanky costume. While I could think of more positive ways to channel this new found awesomeness, she finally catches Oz’s eye. So, yay?


Buffy rolls up the bottom of her sweatpants, a habit that I also have. Could I have picked it up from the show without noticing?


Buffy as a 17th century noblewoman

Buffy as a 17th century noblewoman

Willow as a ghost

Willow as a ghost

Willow as a sexy street walker?

Willow as a sexy street walker?

Xander as a soldier

Xander as a soldier

Cordelia as a cat

Cordelia as a cat


CORDELIA: “Buffy, I love the hair. It just screams ‘street urchin’.”

BUFFY (to Giles regarding Ms. Calender): “Well, she said that you were a… hunk of burning… something or other.”

CORDELIA: “I was just attacked by Jo-Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy.”

XANDER: “She must be right. We must have some kind of amnesia.”
BUFFY: “I don’t know what that is, but I’m certain I don’t have it. I bathe quite often!”


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