Monthly Archives: September 2016

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 43

Your favorite song from the 80s “Six Different Ways” / The Cure (1985) I’m a sucker for a great piano line in pop music. I always wanted to learn how to play the piano; it is one of my true regrets in life. The opening piano line of “Six Different Ways” is one of my […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 42

Your favorite song from the 70s “Never Going Back Again” / Fleetwood Mac (1977) I have always known about Fleetwood Mac but never really grew up listening to them. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I stumbled across their catalouge and instantly fell in love with one song- “Never Going Back Again”. The lyrics are crazy […]

For Your Consideration: Freaks and Geeks, 1.08 “Girlfriends and Boyfriends”

It makes me have a sad that I haven’t written about Freaks and Geeks in a dog’s age. I know I’ve touched on how much I love this show in the past, but I cannot say enough good things about it. Stepdad recently told me he didn’t like the show and I about had a stroke. […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 41

Your favorite song from the 60s “My Cherie Amour” / Stevie Wonder (1969) I guess I’m just a marshmellow inside because my favorite songs from the 60s is another lovey dovey romantic song. Stevie Wonder orginally wrote the lyrics about a girlfriend and you can hear the love. When I was in high school there was […]

Song Challenge Take 2: Day 40

Your favorite song from the 50s “I Only Have Eyes For You” / The Flamingos (1959) Google “1950s songs” and the first hit you get is 100 Best Songs of the 1950s. It is an epic list that includes Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, and Elvis Presley. If you are a fan of 50s music, I highly […]

Six Months Later…

Guys- life has been so crazy!! I have a seven week old baby. She is beautiful and brilliant and everything she does is absolutely fascinating. She is a ball of energy and I now understand why I was so tired for all of my pregnancy- she was stealing all my zest! I took a long hiatus […]