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30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 14

Day 14- Your favorite quote from any movie I cannot honestly say that I have any one favorite quote from a movie. Quoting movies is a fond family pastime and different occasions call for different quotes. I considered making a list of all my favorites but it would have been dozens and no one has […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 13

Day 13- A movie that you used to love but now hate My family has a bad habit of watching movies into the ground. Something becomes beloved and one of us gets excited about it and wants to watch it over and over again. And over. And over. Eventually it stops being beloved to the […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 12

Day 12- Your favorite animated movie I already wrote about my favorite animated movie in the post for day 1, and it would be cheating to retread old territory. So today I am going to write about my second favorite animated movie, The Batman/Superman Movie. Despite it being my second fave, I only recently learned […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 11

Day 11- Your favorite childhood movie My brother and I were obsessed with ninjas as children. We watched every movie with ninja in the title, had every action figure, and used to practice our moves daily (aka kick the crap out of each other). The one movie we kept coming back to over and over […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 10

Day 10- Your favorite director I think I am one of the few cinephiles who is not obsessed with directors. I rarely know who directed what unless it’s super obvious (Michael Bay = EXPLOSIONS!) and I usually don’t care enough to try and find out. On the rare occasions I have looked up a director, […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 9

Day 09- A movie that you know practically the whole script of This is pretty embarrassing to admit but the script I know the best is Disturbing Behavior. And it’s because I would watch the movie, pausing every minute to write the dialogue. That’s right. I wrote out the script to Disturbing Behavior, a “horror” […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 8

Day 08- A movie that makes you sad I like having a sad via movie when I’m feeling sad in my real life, more succinctly known as wallowing. When I’m having a bad day I head straight for the tear-jerkers and let the sadness pour down. While it’s certainly not the saddest movie I’ve ever […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 7

Day 07- A movie that makes you happy My high school BFF (aka D) and I were regulars at the local Blockbuster (RIP). Almost every weekend we would be in the store scouring the shelves for new finds. Usually choices were made based on which hot actor had a starring role. Shallow but what do […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 6

Day 06- Your favorite comedy movie The father of Male Bestie once described the people who like What About Bob? as either being the child of psychologists or someone who needs one. Well, my parents aren’t psychologists so I suppose I fall into the latter category because What About Bob? is my favorite comedy of […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 5

Day 05- Your favorite drama movie I’ve always had a really difficult time deciding which movies are dramas. Okay, some movies are obvi drama all the way (Sophie’s Choice anyone?) but more often they blur into other categories as well: drama-comedy (I hate the word dramedy), drama-thriller, drama-action. Blurred lines for real. I looked through […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 4

Day 04- Your favorite horror movie I am an avid horror movie fan. One of my favorite feelings in the world is being scared and a good horror movie will have me terrified. While there are many to love (especially the thrillers of the 70’s), I am definitely a product of my generation. My favorite […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3

Day 03- Your favorite action/adventure movie I’m pretty sure this post sums up my love for the best action/adventure movie ever made: Jurassic Park. It is brilliant. It is amazing. It is everything I want in a movie. Here are some additional GIFs of more greatness just in case you forgot about them (as if […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 2

Day 02- The last movie you watched I am proud to say the last movie I watched was Wayne’s World. It was party time, excellent. This is, without a doubt, Mike Myers at his funniest. Sorry Austin Powers and Charlie/Stuart McKenzie, but it’s true. My most quoted movie line ever is courtesy of Wayne Campbell: […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 1

Day 01- Your favorite movie This is the easiest question I have ever answered in a challenge. My favorite movie is the Disney animated version of Peter Pan. Always has been, always will be. Who hasn’t dreamed of being whisked away to a land full of fun and no responsibilities? One where you never grow […]

30 Day Movie Challenge

I haven’t done a 30 day challenge in a while and thought it was time start a new one. I happened to stumble across Wicked Crispy, a blog run by Jeff Victor, an illustrator. He participated in a 30 Day Movie Challenge that involved drawing. His drawings are amazing, mine are not so much. While […]