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30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- Your least favorite movie Wow. Final day of the challenge (which has been spread out over way more than 30 days due to multiple lapses in internet) and it ends on a sour note. Not the way I would choose to go out but it is what it is. And by that I […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 29

Day 29- A movie that changed your opinion about something Um, I”m pretty sure this isn’t a thing for me. I’ve never watched a movie and become suddenly aware of some atrocity or felt the need to change an aspect of my life based on what I just viewed. I usually watch movies because I’m […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 28

Day 28- Movie with the best soundtrack Impossible. This is literally impossible to answer. I’ve considered writing regular posts on the various soundtracks I love and the influences they have had on my life. It’s highly likely that I will some time in the future when I light a fire under my butt and get […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 27

Day 27- Favorite classic movie My favorite classic movie is Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman is fabulous (as usual) as a prisoner sent to jail for cutting the heads off parking meters. I’m not sure why he does it other than being drunk and maybe stealing the money inside? Can you cut the head off […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 26

Day 26- A movie that is a guilty pleasure I hate the phrase guilty pleasure. Why should I feel guilty about something that brings me pleasure? Pure nonsense! I generally think of “guilty pleasure” movies as campy films; they’re the kind of movies you watch with your closest friends and giggle over the dialogue/acting being […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 25

Day 25- A movie that no one would expect you to love Anyone who knows me well knows that my taste in pop culture (movies in particular) is all over the map. I don’t think I could name any movie I like and have them be genuinely surprised. So I’ll write about a movie someone […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 24

Day 24- Favorite documentary I must admit, I don’t really watch documentaries. I get enough reality in my day to day life and prefer to view films as a means of escape. That being said, my favorite documentary should come as no surprise. It’s Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman. Because […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 23

Day 23- Your favorite character from any movie Peter Pan is my fave movie character of all time, but again, I don’t want to rehash old posts. I thought it would be difficult to come up with an alternative character to write about. Lucky for me that wasn’t the case. My mind was almost immediately […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 22

Day 22- The most underrated movie Damn, all the hard questions have been saved for the end, starting with this gem. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am not a fan of picking best and worst anything. What makes me qualified to choose? It’s all subjective anyway. For this reason I will choose ONE of […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 21

Day 21- The most overrated movie I’m probably going to get some flack for this but I think┬áDazed and Confused is one of the most overrated movies. That isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy it (once in a while) but I don’t believe it was handed down from God above like some people (my […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 20

Day 20- Your favorite actress I’ve thought even less about my favorite actress than I have about my favorite actor. I mean, I know my fave TV actress- Sarah Michelle Gellar for life!- but her film roles just haven’t provided her with the same opportunities to showcase her talent and range. Mandy Moore is my […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 19

Day 19- Your favorite actor You know, as much as I go on (and on) about the hot men I see on my various screens. I’ve never given much thought to having a favorite actor. Over time I’ve had favorite crushes but that only rates the face and body. A favorite actor should be rated […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 18

Day 18- The movie that disappointed you the most I try not to go into movies with really high expectations but sometimes I can’t help myself. Such was the story with Man of Steel, the most recent Superman movie. I am a pretty big fan of Supes. I’ve seen all of the movies (including the […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 17

Day 17- The best movie you saw during the last year This is a really difficult post to write. I watch a ton of movies; every week I have my Netflix disc(s), hit the Redbox for three or four movies, plus catch new movies using On Demand. Wow. Seeing it in print is a little […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 16

Day 16- The last movie you saw in theatres Y’all this is really embarrassing but I haven’t been to the movie theatre since December. Almost nine months have passed. I missed seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Amazing Spider-man II, and Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen. Rough. I guess I can […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 15

Day 15- The first movie you saw in theatres I have absolutely zero recollection of my first movie going experience but according to my mother we saw The Little Mermaid. So much about that makes sense to me. I can sing all of the songs (I totally kill “Part of Your World”), and I’m attracted […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 14

Day 14- Your favorite quote from any movie I cannot honestly say that I have any one favorite quote from a movie. Quoting movies is a fond family pastime and different occasions call for different quotes. I considered making a list of all my favorites but it would have been dozens and no one has […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 13

Day 13- A movie that you used to love but now hate My family has a bad habit of watching movies into the ground. Something becomes beloved and one of us gets excited about it and wants to watch it over and over again. And over. And over. Eventually it stops being beloved to the […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 12

Day 12- Your favorite animated movie I already wrote about my favorite animated movie in the post for day 1, and it would be cheating to retread old territory. So today I am going to write about my second favorite animated movie, The Batman/Superman Movie. Despite it being my second fave, I only recently learned […]

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 11

Day 11- Your favorite childhood movie My brother and I were obsessed with ninjas as children. We watched every movie with ninja in the title, had every action figure, and used to practice our moves daily (aka kick the crap out of each other). The one movie we kept coming back to over and over […]