Monthly Archives: December 2015

Quote of the Day: Best Presents

Today is the perfect day to remember what Hobbes has always known: the best presents don’t come in boxes. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Advertisements

Birthday Mini Playlist

I wanted to share with you (on this most special of days) some of my favorite songs celebrating birthdays. I know I’ll be pumping these throughout the day as I bounce between celebratory activities. Enjoy! “Happy Birthday Beautiful” / Innocence Mission “Birthday” / The Beatles “Happy Birthday” / Altered Images “It’s My Birthday (Remix)” / […]

Quote of the Day: Demand Euphoria

Today is my birthday and I demand euphoria. I think that’s a reasonable enough request.

It Might Be Someone’s Birthday

And by might by I mean definitely. Welcome to my favorite day of the year! Hope your day is as wonderful as mine.