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Just Listen: Vitamin String Quartet 2

I promised I would write about the super awesome Vitamin String Quartet in a Just Listen post I wrote almost two years ago (holy cow!) and it has been far too long since I mentioned one of my favorite bands. Or are they a band? I mean, I know they’re a quartet (duh) but it […]

Just Listen: “Dancing With Myself”

I am a huge fan of songs that make me want to dance. I can think of no better song for the occasion than the brilliant “Dancing With Myself”. It’s extremely catchy and has the perfect booty shaking beat. I searched the Internet for my favorite versions and yielded the following results. It’s science people. […]

Just Listen: Disney Songs, Part 2

I have too much love for Disney songs to contain in one post, so I have decided to write another. Yes, I could have written one long entry but nobody has time to read a crazy epic post. Here is a continuation of my favorite Disney songs. “Honor to Us All” / Mulan (1998) My […]

Just Listen: Disney Songs, Part 1

Like most people my age, I grew up listening to Disney soundtracks. The difference between me and my peers? I still listen to them. On the regular. While others might be embarrassed, I think we’ve established that I have little to no filter and am therefore used to embarrassing myself. I wanted to share with […]

Just Listen: “God Only Knows”

When I was a kid, there was a period of time when The Beach Boys were my favorite band. I had purchased a cassette tape of one of their albums from a yard sale and listened to it until it broke. The two halves of the cassette came apart from each other and couldn’t be […]

Just Listen: Hall and Oates

I seriously dig Hall and Oates. I believe they epitomize everything that was awesome about music in the 80’s. Their songs have really strong hooks that get stuck in my head, but in a pleasant (rather than annoying) manner. The melodies are often upbeat, incorporating elements of soul, rock, pop and new wave. Basically, they […]

Just Listen: “Head Over Heels”

“Head Over Heels” is a fantastic new wave love song performed (originally) by Tears for Fears. I went through a period a couple of years ago when I was seriously into this song. It was the ringtone on my cell phone and the most played song on my iPod. I was basically in love with […]

Just Listen: Vitamin String Quartet

I know I generally write the Just Listen posts about various versions of one song, but I wanted to do something a little different this time. I have recently fallen in love with a fantastic band- Vitamin String Quartet. They are a group of extremely gifted individuals who perform covers/remakes of popular songs. While on […]

Just Listen: “You Sexy Thing”

Whenever I want a song to dance around my bedroom to I know there is one song that is guaranteed to make me get my groove on. I searched high and low for what I consider to be the best version of “You Sexy Thing”. Enjoy! Hot Chocolate (1975) I cannot believe that this song […]

Just Listen: “Tonight You Belong to Me”

“Tonight You Belong to Me” has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, etc. Gene Austin (1927) This is the original version. While the chorus has been kept in all future versions, the verses have changed. As noted in previous posts, I am a sucker for the vocal styling of the 1920’s. There is […]

Just Listen: “Somethin’ Stupid”

In 1966 a little tune called “Something Stupid” was released by Carson and Gaile. I was unable to find a clear video of the original, which is a crying shame. It is an absolutely darling duet sung by husband and wife. Few of my friends and acquaintances have ever heard of the song so I […]

Just Listen: “Little Bitty Pretty One”

You guys, I got my first request! My bestie is a huge fan of “Little Bitty Pretty One” and requested that I write about it. Lucky for her, I also happen to have a special place in my heart for the song. You can thank Matilda for that. I love her so much that I […]

Just Listen: “Moody’s Mood for Love”

I don’t consider myself a big jazz person. I don’t dislike the genre, but I’ve never felt particularly drawn to it either. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard “Moody’s Mood for Love” and instantly fell in love. I listened to as many versions as I could find and was able to narrow […]

Just Listen: “Hello, It’s Me”

Has there ever been a song that you hear and are instantly reminded of someone? Every time I hear the song “Hello, It’s Me” I think of my mother. It’s not because of the lyrical content of the song, but rather the memories that I attach to it. I can remember her playing this often […]

Just Listen: “Blue Moon”

I’m a sucker for the song “Blue Moon”. The first time I can remember hearing it was during the movie Grease. It plays during the televised dance, when the T-Birds who aren’t John Travolta or Jeff Conaway moon the camera. For some unidentifiable reason (please don’t try to identify it), this stuck in my head […]

Just Listen: “Try A Little Tenderness”

I adore “Try A Little Tenderness” with all of my heart. It makes me smile every time it comes on and I can’t help but sing along. This song is the epitome of feel-good. There are almost a hundred different versions available on the Internet but I want to focus on my two favorite. Ray […]