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Quote of the Day: Best Presents

Today is the perfect day to remember what Hobbes has always known: the best presents don’t come in boxes. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!

Quote of the Day: Demand Euphoria

Today is my birthday and I demand euphoria. I think that’s a reasonable enough request.

Quote of the Day: Life Finds a Way

There is no sexier man alive than Dr. Ian Malcolm / Jeff Goldblum. I will heed all of his wisdom forever. This is why condoms AND oral contraceptives are a thing.

Quote of the Day: Wasted Flavor

Kenny Fisher is my spirit animal (I HAVE A LOT OF SPIRIT ANIMALS, OKAY!). This is how I feel all day, every day that I’m at work. Why indeed?

Quote of the Day: Strange Things

I can’t believe I’ve never written a word about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I must change that post haste! This is my go-to quote for when things are just a little hinky.

Quote of the Day: Music Is a Constant

I truly believe in visceral connections to music. That’s why certain songs send chills up my spine.

Quote of the Day: Enjoy the Music

It might be a sappy teen show, but One Tree Hill can spit some real wisdom. Bestie S knows what I’m talking about.

Quote of the Day: Neurotic Freak

Summer Roberts is my spirit animal. Can she please star in all the shows and throw massive amounts of shade?

Quote of the Day: Respect

That Sarah Dessen really knows how to lay down some truth. No wonder she’s my favorite author.

Quote of the Day: It’s Friday

Truer words were never spoken. Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!

Quote of the Day: Smear Mud

This seemed appropriate given the new episodes of Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix. That Mitch the Vegetable Can really knows his stuff.

Quote of the Day: Some Things Are Meant to be Broken

On a tiny Sarah Dessen kick. You should expect to see her sprinkled throughout the next couple of weeks.

Quote of the Day: Love Isn’t Overrated

Thanks to Husband for an amazing love that’s worthy of all the songs. Not even a tiny bit overrated.

Quote of the Day: Pick Up My Guitar

This one is dedicated to Husband. He both taught me how to play the guitar and inspires me to pick it up and sing about loving him. Usually in the form of “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Lucky him.

Quote of the Day: Rocket Ship Underpants

I have lucky Wonder Woman underpants but I know what Calvin means. Sometimes even your best can’t save the day. Those are the times I hide in bed with a Calvin and Hobbes book and laugh the day away.

Quote of the Day: Make a Difference

Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen, aka name of my future imaginary child) is my favorite superhero of all time. You know why? Because there is nothing super about him except maybe his bank account. He’s an ordinary person who puts on a funny costume and tries to make a difference. That should be an inspiration […]

Quote of the Day: Better Not

Sound advice for people from all walks of life. Just say “better not” to hard drugs.

Quote of the Day: Fun and Games

Now that I’m on vacation my life feels a little less like this. A little.

Quote of the Day: Dreams Come True

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books of all time. I truly believe dreams can come true with wishes and sacrifice.

Quote of the Day: One Day

Every day I try to remind myself that I’m lucky to have found someone with whom my dreams merge.