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Rural Fun

Sometimes you have to make your own fun. This is the aftermath of one of these times. Advertisements

What a Day for Some Music

I took this a little while back but it’s one of my favorite photos. I shot it at the Beaufort Farmer’s Market while the Six Pack of Gentlemen (Husband’s band) were on a break. Love the combo of instruments and nature.

Witch Pumpkin

Last year Husband and I carved pumpkins together. It’s kind of our tradition, because it only takes something happening twice for it to be a tradition. Don’t believe me, look it up. For my carving, I went with a scary witch with a spider on her face. I am extremely anti-spider so I found it […]

Scarecrow Pumpkin

Last year Boyfriend and I carved an amazing pumpkin together. I thought I would take this opportunity to share it with you.

Scarborough Memorial Park

I’ve been very into taking pictures recently. Well, back into taking them as I was shutter happy until about a year ago. I’m returning to form and excited to share the beauty I’ve captured. I hope you enjoy them too.

Two Lights State Park

Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth is one of my favorite places in Maine. I like to take a book and sit out on the rocks, feeling the ocean breeze roll over me. I went out to take some pictures and the ocean was just beautiful. Nothing can beat this view.

Fort Williams and Portland Head Light

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring around lately, trying to capture the local beauty before I leave it. Here are some of my favorite shots taken at Fort Williams and Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. Enjoy!


With the beautiful weather it’s been hard to stay inside. So I like to bring a little of the outdoors in with me.

Pretty Things

I’ve been in a horrendous mood all day and want to see something pretty. I submit for your approval the view from my future home. Sometimes it’s nice to have pretty things.

Little Things

In life it’s important to remember the little things that make you happy.


Even though I’m not a particularly touchy-feely sort of person, I enjoy seeing little acts of love between others. I don’t want to see people eating each others’ faces in the middle of the street, but little things like hand holding can be adorable.

Get Your Drink On

Today is the perfect day for this. I need to make it happen again.  

Beaufort NC

I have been enjoying vacationing in beautiful and sunny Beaufort, North Carolina. It is seriously one of my favorite places in the entire world and I cannot wait to move here in the fall.  

Fortune’s Rocks Beach

Sometimes it’s really easy to love where I live. It’s important to remember that when I have to shovel 6″ of snow off the hood of my car.

Fryeburg Fair

Everyone with a cell phone and instagram thinks they are a photographer. Myself included. Enjoy.