Monthly Archives: January 2014

Look What I Made: January’s Cards

January has been a VERY busy crafting month. There have been a lot of happy events in the lives of my friends that I chose to celebrate by making cards. Now that the month is nearing an end and the cards have all been given/mailed to their respective owners, I can now share them with […]

Look What I Made: Christmas Party Flyer

2014 is apparently the year of crafting. I’ve been working on a ton of great stuff that I want to share with you guys, starting with a Christmas party flyer. Boyfriend co-owns a diner with Bestie’s Boyfriend (who is Boyfriend’s Bestie), and their employee Christmas party was scheduled for January 20th thanks to the craziness […]

Look What I Made: Lion CD Cover

For our anniversary I gave Boyfriend some handmade love coupons (which I may or may not post at a later date). He recently redeemed one for a burned CD, asking for some music to workout to. While picking music is fun and all, I wanted to do something to make it more than your average […]

Let’s Play a Game: Fortune Telling

Do you remember making paper fortune tellers when you were a child? My friends and I must have made hundreds over the years, ranging from your basic notebook paper and pencil to the more elaborate construction paper and marker. Some got really fancy. I even remember one with glitter. That’s right, glitter. Have no clue […]

Look What I Made: Christmas CD Cover

This year for Christmas I made Bestie a CD. I know it’s super lame and seems thoughtless but I swear a lot of thought and effort went into it, particularly the cover. As everyone knows, the most important part of a CD is the cover art. That’s the part that people remember in years to […]

90’s R&B Dance Party

It’s time to celebrate the new year and I can imagine no better way than through the power of song. I think everyone will agree that there’s nothing better than a great R&B jam. I pulled together a selection of my favorites ranging from the romantic and sexy hits to the songs with extreme danceability. […]