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Birthday Mini Playlist

I wanted to share with you (on this most special of days) some of my favorite songs celebrating birthdays. I know I’ll be pumping these throughout the day as I bounce between celebratory activities. Enjoy! “Happy Birthday Beautiful” / Innocence Mission “Birthday” / The Beatles “Happy Birthday” / Altered Images “It’s My Birthday (Remix)” / […]

Party Like It’s 1999 Playlist

It’s Wednesday folks and you know what that means- another playlist! I’ve been revisiting the year 1999 because why not? I was in seventh grade, a new girl in a school very different from my previous one. I remember rushing home to watch TRL (because it was one of the rare years we had cable) […]

Cover Me Up Playlist

Surprise! It’s playlist time bitches. I know I haven’t written about music in a very long time but it has not been far from my mind. Husband and friends opened a music store (Downeast Bound Music) earlier this year and I have spent a large portion of the last few months surrounded by instruments and […]

Wedding Playlist

Several months ago Boyfriend became Husband (yay!) and our wedding was all about the music. In addition to having the lovely Mr. Jesse Stockton and uber-amazing Six Pack of Gentlemen play, I was determined to create the perfect playlist. I wanted optimum guest enjoyment and dancing- tons and tons of dancing. I wanted songs that […]

90’s R&B Dance Party

It’s time to celebrate the new year and I can imagine no better way than through the power of song. I think everyone will agree that there’s nothing better than a great R&B jam. I pulled together a selection of my favorites ranging from the romantic and sexy hits to the songs with extreme danceability. […]

Unearthed Treasure: 90210 Soundtrack

In preparation for my big move this month (SO MUCH EXCITEMENT), I’ve been sorting through all of my belongings and cleaning out the junk. So far it’s been crazy successful and Goodwill has received five bags of clothes and shoes, six storage bins of books and at least five bins of various items. It’s been […]

Unearthed Treasure: Mixtape

I have been digging through my storage unit, cleaning house in preparation for my big move to NC (yay me!). I recently came across a box containing old mixtapes that I made. While they all have fantastic names (here’s looking at you ‘Depressing Songs for Depressing Days’) and some have awesome covers, one stood out […]

Hair Metal Playlist

Sometimes I get into a certain mood where I just want to jam out to hair metal. I imagine that my hair has been back-combed to hell and I have on awesome leather pants and I just go with it. There is a lot of head banging and air guitar involved. I won’t pretend that […]

Boy Band Playlist

As most girls my age, I went through a major boy band period. During fourth through sixth grade Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and 98 Degrees were all the rage. Everyone had a favorite and would fight to the death to defend them. Throw in the lesser known bands (LFO, BBMak, O-Town, Five) and things get […]

Senior Year Playlist

Let’s relive that glorious time period from Fall 2004 to Spring 2005 (a.k.a. my senior year of high school), one song at a time. “1, 2 Step” / Ciara feat. Missy Elliott (2004) “Candy Shop” / 50 Cent & Olivia (2005) “Lose Control” / Missy Elliott feat. Ciara and Fat Man Scoop (2005) “Soldier” / […]

Workout Playlist

I must have music when I run. I learned this a long time ago. Without it, I feel like I am going nowhere slowly; what should be a forty-five minute run seems to span hours or days. I am very selective of the music that I listen to when working out. I need something with […]

Roommate Playlist

Both of my roommates are super musical and know way more current songs than I do. I asked for their help in building a playlist that one might listen to while drinking. Or getting ready to drink. Or after drinking. Drinking will definitely be involved. Here are the fruits of our collective efforts. And by […]

Summer 2006 Playlist

I was recently digging through my old CDs and found A TON of mixes. I was the queen of the mixed CD. Here is one of my favorites from the summer of 2006. I had just finished my year at Guilford and had started working at the video store, my first real job. This mix […]

A Playlist for Emily… Wherever She May Be

My bestie and I have an amazing friendship, punctuated by music and singing. In the early days of said friendship, we could often be found strolling around campus at night, slightly tipsy (or majorly), singing our little hearts out. We still sing together or I get drunk and serenade her on the telephone (please see […]

80’s Night Dance Party

I just got back from an amazing vacation and have been feeling a little sad about leaving so much awesomeness behind. So I decided it’s time for a Wednesday Night Dance Party! And what better music to shake a booty to than the majestic hits of the 80’s? Enjoy! “Safety Dance” / Men Without Hats […]

St. Patrick’s Day Playlist

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I wanted to create a playlist of perfect songs about getting your drink on. I stuck with five genres: country, blues/r&b, rock, punk, and hip hop. Pick your poison: COUNTRY “Sunday Morning Coming Down” / Johnny Cash (1970) “Whiskey River” / Willie Nelson (1978) “Honky Tonkin’ ” / Hank […]

Wednesday Night Dance Party Playlist

When I was in college, there was a standing appointment for a Wednesday Night Dance Party in the student lounge next to my bedroom. Occasionally it would be cancelled during times of high stress and intense studying (i.e mid-terms and finals), but you could generally count on it happening every week. And it was exactly […]

A Valentine’s Day Playlist

I wanted to stick with older tunes that aren’t too mushy. Other playlists I’ve seen go overboard on the whole “I can’t live without you” sentiment and that has never really been my thing. I tend to get really uncomfortable and feel the need to vacate the premises. Like, immediately. Here is a selection of […]