Unearthed Treasure: Mixtape

I have been digging through my storage unit, cleaning house in preparation for my big move to NC (yay me!). I recently came across a box containing old mixtapes that I made. While they all have fantastic names (here’s looking at you ‘Depressing Songs for Depressing Days’) and some have awesome covers, one stood out above the rest. As part of an English project in eighth grade we had to make a cassette tape or CD containing our favorite songs throughout the years. I like to think I had pretty eclectic tastes for a thirteen year old in 2000 . Here are both the handwritten playlist (score!) and the fabulously markered cover. Enjoy!

IMG_0719 IMG_0720

For those of you unable to read the list, check it out:

“Supermodel” / Jill Sobule
“I Want You Back” / Jackson 5
“Sugar, Sugar” / The Archies
“Jellyhead” / Crush
“Sweetest Thing” / U2
“Praise You” / Fatboy Slim
“You and Me Song” / The Wannadies
“Slide” / Goo Goo Dolls
“Shimmer” / Fuel
“Blister in the Sun” / Violent Femmes
“Every Morning” / Sugar Ray
“Someday” / Sugar Ray
“Helpless” / D Generation
“Stay Young” / Oasis
“All the Small Things” / Blink-182
“Strutter” / The Donnas
“Rock and Roll All Nite” / KISS
“Yellow” / Coldplay



  1. This just popped up on Buzzed … Jellyhead Crush – yes, sweet choice!

    1. Thanks! I probably listened to it at least a 100 times when I was younger.

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