For Your Consideration: Freaks and Geeks, 1.04 “Kim Kelly Is My Friend”

By now everyone has heard of Freaks and Geeks. Haven’t they? It spawned the careers of James Franco, Jason Segal, Seth Rogan, Busy Phillips, Linda Cardellini, and John Francis Daley. You may have seen some (or all of them) on your television at one point or another.

For the uninitiated, or those who enjoy being reminded of awesome things, I have selected one of my favorite episodes. I present for your enjoyment “Kim Kelly Is My Friend”. Enjoy!



You learn science. Sam gets punched in the solar plexus. I learned what a solar plexus is and where it is located. See, learning.

Karen wears a Journey t-shirt. It is amazing. I mean, baseball shirts are fantastic on their own and Journey is the shit. These things combined are practically mind blowing.


Karen checks Sam’s armpits for hair. WTF? I was kind of, definitely a bully growing up and I never would have lifted up a guy’s shirt to expose his armpits. It makes Karen seem more weird than it embarrasses Sam.

Sam gets the word geek written on his locker. It’s completely mortifying and I can’t believe I never thought to do it when I was in high school. If only time travel were possible!


Nick Andopolis is the best. Can I please date him? I love when he says, “It’s really cool when you hang out,” to Lindsay. It’s so simple but so adorable.

This. How did Karen know to reference The Hobbit? Isn’t she supposed to be one of the cooler kids at school?


I love Lindsay’s confusion at Kim’s sudden niceness. She doesn’t know how to handle Kim asking to hang out with her. Ultimately she gets over excited which is cute. Good on Kim for keeping Lindsay on her toes.

This is the most hilarious exchange I have ever heard. How do you fornicate a room? Oh, Millie. So naive.


Not only has Sam been branded a geek, but now he’s a pygmy geek. Again I am baffled by Karen’s use of this word. I think she is secretly a geek which is why she chooses to pick on Sam and his friends. She’s like the female version of Alan. Why else would she know the word pygmy?


Lindsay makes a very good point:


“Kim Kelly is my enemy.” I love that Sam keeps things so basic. As an adult you can’t refer to someone as your enemy unless you want to be laughed at. But they exist, no matter how old you are.

Aunt Cathy was so rad. She doinked Ryan O’Neal once at a party. But she’s dead now. Oh, Kim. Your logic is so flawed but hilarious.

I especially love that Kim has created a very detailed back story of her friendship with Lindsay. It shows how much she actually wants to be friends with her. I like to think that Kim secretly wishes/dreams that she could vacation with the Weir family and that is why she makes up the story of water skiing in Benton Harbor. I’d water ski with Kim Kelly.

Kim’s mother is simultaneously horrible and fantastic. Obviously she’s not mother of the year; she doesn’t even know who her daughter actually spends her time with. She totally loses her shit when she finds out Kim has been lying, complete with screaming and chasing Kim out of the house. At the same time, she has that great sense of humor that Kim inherited. The entire dinner scene seems surreal.

I love that Neal is so matter of fact when spreading his misinformation around. Only guys get horny? It cracks me up every time.


“Cover your flesh! Cover your flesh!” Bill Haverchuck is my hero.


Kim’s rationale for dating Daniel:


This from the bottom of my heart:

totalloser1 totalloser2
 totalloser3 totalloser4

I want Mrs. Weir to be my mom. “Sam, think you might have worms?” This is the most adorable ever.

Kim is such a loveable loser. Even though she has spent most of the previous episodes being a total bitch, I just want to give her a hug.


And eat ice cream with her.


Daniel is so sweet when he makes up with Kim. Even though he essentially breaks into Lindsay’s house to do it.


Nick and his fruit roll-up are awesome. I love when he leaves the house with what looks like the rest of the box jammed into his pockets.


Kim the total badass has returned by the end. Top that Karen. Top that.

slutlocker becauseyoureaslut


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