Live Blog: Friends, 1.02 The One With the Sonogram at the End

Continuing to make my way through Friends, one episode at a time. Please enjoy as I share my thoughts on the second episode.

1.02 The One With the Sonogram at the End

– Like Joey, I am also confused by the direction that kissing/sex conversation takes. I can’t tell if the conversation is confusing or I am just slow to process what they are saying.

– I want to visit the Museum of Prehistoric History. Also, Marsha has thought WAY TOO MUCH about the mastadon smell in the carpet.

– Is Carol played by another actress later on in the show? I feel as though I have seen an episode where Carol looks really different. Maybe I am misremembering.


– Pregnant? Oh shit. This is getting real.

– I continue to love Chandler and his sarcasm. Even better is the fact that Phoebe takes what he says at face value.

– That pillow is hideous. Monica needs to throw it away rather than fluff it. Peachy and lace covered. Not my idea of interior decoration. I also wouldn’t have purple walls in my apartment, so we obviously have very different taste.


– I also obsessively clean my house before anyone comes to visit. I am paranoid that others will see me as messy even though I’m the type of person that makes my bed every morning.

– I love Joey’s use of the word “twirly”. Such a girly word.

– Don’t rip up the lasagna! I know how long those things take to make and that sucks.

– Does Ross always enter the room with the most depressed “hi”? Also, WTF is his outfit? The denim shirt is beyond ridiculous, especially with those pockets, and the tie is WAY too wide. Yuck.


– Ross is a scientist. Why would he refer to it as a “sonogram thing”?

– I’m with Joey. Eat the lasagna. It’s too good to waste.

– Curry on a cucumber. Interesting. Very interesting.

– That apartment is super tiny. Ross and Monica’s parents can obviously hear everything that they are whispering in the kitchen.

– I can’t stand passive aggressiveness. Ross and Monica’s mom is the pits.

– Content like cows? That is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. Someone please shoot this man to make his stop talking.

– I get that Monica’s parents are really shitty to her, but that’s no reason to throw Ross under the bus. Just tell them to back off.

– I love Phoebe’s description of her sister as a “high-powered, driven career type” and then informs them that she is a waitress.

– It made me chuckle when Chandler referenced his parents preferring his imaginary friend.

– Why would Rachel have her friends turn off the lights if she still has to clean? You need to see the dirt in order to sweep it.

– Ross staring at the back of Rachel’s head as she describes meeting someone and falling in love in so creepy. And Ross- please don’t be so desperate for Rachel’s affection that you pull up a chair to have her continue leaning on your hand. It’s gross.

– Why is Carol drinking a juice box in the doctor’s office? Is this something that people can do because I totally want one the next time I’m there.

– Another horrible Ross outfit. The vest is humongous and does NOT work with the striped shirt.


– Barry doesn’t look like Mr. Potato Head. He might not be super hot but he looks better than a potato. Give him a little credit.


– Totally agree with Ross, Minnie is a horrible name. Julia is a much better choice.

– Barry is kind of a sleazeball. Taking the maid of honor on your honeymoon? Super scuzzy.

– How long has it been since Rachel and Barry split up? He already has a new girlfriend that he got plugs for? Either he moves really fast or the passage of time has not been

– Ross has equal rights to his child with Carol. As long as Carol keeps the baby, she can’t just cut him out of his/her life. I don’t know of any court that would deny his rights.

– Rachel hasn’t spoken to Mindy in however long has passed? This girl was supposed to be her maid of honor. That position is generally reserved for the bride’s best friend. I would totally talk to my best friend the second I decided to run away.


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