Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries 2.06 Plan B

Elena watches Stefan sleep while in her bedroom. It is super fucking creepy. Thank you for voicing that Stefan. She seems to find it romantic because she suffers from brain damage. That’s the only excuse I can come up with. They commence an awkward mating ritual that involves him covering his head with a pillow, her removing it, and him rolling on top of her. Then they make out. Do vampires not get morning breath? Elena briefly pauses to bring up Katherine. Why is she trying to ruin the mood? She is worried that Katherine will find out about their secret cuddles and attempt to destroy the town in a jealous rage. Stefan does what I would do- pretend like Katherine doesn’t exist.

This is fucking creepy.

This is fucking creepy.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Mason are making their own fun, rolling around in bed together. Kudos on the shout out to Ms. Flowers! Seems Katherine is staying at a B&B because she just LOVES it.

Elena and Stefan are still in the middle of their make out sesh when Elena decides showering is more important than kisses. Stefan thinks the same way I do and offers to join her. She is a total buzz kill, turning him down because she has to decorate the Lockwood Mansion for a charity function. The Lockwoods are mega rich. Why don’t they hire a party planner to do all the decorations? Turns out Stefan will be doing the exact same thing. Elena is worried about him being there what with Mason having tried to recently kill him.

Katherine interrupts her body kissing to ask Mason about the location of the moonstone. He plays it smart, not trusting her enough to give her the exact location. Good on you, Mason!

Stefan informs Elena that he only offered to decorate the Lockwood Mansion so he could keep an eye on Mason. She ominously picks up a needle from her nightstand. Is this some weird new foreplay? If so, I don’t get it. She reminds him that there will be no talking, touching or romantic glances. They need to keep up the pretense that they are fighting.

Katherine asks Mason if he is afraid that she will kill him. This conversation took a weird turn mighty fast. He says he isn’t so she kisses him a little and bites his neck. When he tells “Kath” (worst nickname ever) to take it easy, she gives a “sorry not sorry” apology.

Elena pricks her finger with the needle and Stefan drinks blood from her finger. It seems this is part of his plan to drink a little blood every day until he builds up a tolerance.

Completely disgusting. WORST FOREPLAY EVER.

Completely disgusting. WORST FOREPLAY EVER.

Katherine licks blood from Mason’s neck wound and promises him that they will live happily ever after once he gives her the moonstone. He, in turn, promises to bring it to her tonight.

Stefan makes him own promise to Elena, telling her they will get through “this”. And by this he means dealing with his murderous ex-girlfriend. Elena lurves Stefan. Aww.

Katherine and Mason also exchange love. I see what they’re doing here, with the whole parallel scenes. Everyone kisses!

Jeremy arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House to chat with Damon. They have some great banter as Damon tries to close the door on him (multiple times). Jer tells Damon that Tyler isn’t a werewolf but will be if he kills someone. Also, Mason is already a wolf and is searching for the moonstone, which has something to do with the werewolf legend. The word moonstone piques Damon’s interest, especially when Jeremy tells him that he knows where it is. They have more back and forth about Elena not knowing that Jer is helping. Damon is awesome, calling him out on being a Gilbert, unable to keep his nose out of things. Damon finally lets Jeremy into the house.

The Lockwood Mansion is buzzing with people preparing for the Masquerade Ball. Awesome fundraiser! Carol thanks Jenna for helping with the volunteers and scolds Tyler and Matt for manhandling a fancy table from the 1800s. Jenna wanders through to another room where she runs into Stefan. She invites him to dinner, which is very sweet. I want someone to invite me to a home cooked dinner! He tells her that he and Elena are taking a break but she isn’t buying it. It seems Jenna is a light sleeper and heard all of the bed rolling and smooching. Whoops. Jenna tells him she heard nothing and gives him a smile, because she is officially the best.

I heart Jenna so hard.

I heart Jenna so hard.

Bonnie is carrying a box of candles through the yard when she sees Elena. She acts like a freak, glancing all around the yard in case Caroline is around. When Elena tells her that the girls will have to talk eventually, she gets super bitchy, sniping about Elena being on Caroline’s side. Elena tries to play Switzerland, but Bonnie points out that they have barely seen each other and it feels like she is losing her. Elena is a total sucker, so she takes Bonnie somewhere secluded where they can talk. This seems a little like a Lifetime moment of truth movie moment. You know, the calm before Elena roofies and attempts to rape Bonnie?

Liz is still locked in the basement holding cell at the Salvatore Boarding House. Caroline enters to make super awkward small talk before telling Liz that the vervain is almost out of her system, according to Damon anyway. How does he know? Is he tasting her blood on the regular? Liz is stone cold, neither looking at nor talking to Caroline. Care asks if she is going to pretend that she doesn’t exist and Liz answers in the affirmative. Way harsh, Tai. Caroline, justifiably, has a little sad/bitch about how Liz didn’t care about her before she was a vampire so it’s not like anything has changed. Then she reminds Liz that she died. This gets her attention. She wants to know how it’s possible that Caroline is dead and yet not dead.

Meanwhile, Alaric has arrived to share Isobel’s research with Damon. He is quite surprised to see Jeremy, and even more surprised when he is told that Jer is the one that clued them into the existence of the moonstone. Ric provides us all with a quick recap on the sun and moon curse while Damon provides the props. We learn/are reminded that an Aztec shaman cursed the vampires to walk during moonlight only (unless they have a nifty daylight ring) and the werewolves to turn during the full moon. The moonstone sealed the werewolf half of the curse, meaning it can be used to unseal it. Jer tells them that Tyler has the moonstone and offers to get it.

Back at the yard of the Lockwood Mansion, Elena has finished filling Bonnie in on the pretend riff between her and Stefan. Bonnie is pissy that she didn’t even know about the pretend fight. Elena apologizes for not keeping her in the loop while reminding her that she wanted to be kept out of all vampire activities. They re-pledge their best friendness but it is short lived, as Bonnie heads inside when Elena tries to convince her to reconcile with Caroline.

Okay, a little less Lifetime movie. Still kind of rapey.

Okay, a little less Lifetime movie. Still kind of rapey.

Inside, Mason is shocked to see Stefan setting up for the Masquerade Ball. He asks what happened to Liz. Stefan plays the tough guy, telling Mason to do his own dirty work. It’s so funny to see grown men (kind of) posturing. As Mason huffs away, he bumps into Bonnie who, judging by the look on her face, got some kind of witchy reading off of him. Stefan notices the change in her expression and asks what she saw. She reports that she had a vision of him making out with Elena. Stefan is initially confused but his soon understands. Katherine!

Elena is sorting masks and spying on Bonnie and Stefan when Damon arrives. He tells her that he is looking for Stefan and asks her to make Jeremy stop following him. It’s kind of adorable. Jer arrives and Elena instantly jumps down his throat, basically demanding that he stay away from Damon and whatever plan he is working on. Jeremy is awesome, telling Elena that he doesn’t care what she thinks and pointing out that the only reason he is involved at all is because of her. He wasn’t the one that dragged all sorts of supernatural up in their grills.

On the other side of the room, Stefan is catching Damon on the Mason/Katherine revelation. Damon seems a little jealous, convinced that Katherine is just using him. Bonus points for referring to Mason as a surfer. Damon fills Stefan in on the moonstone that breaks the werewolf curse and tells him that Jeremy has tasked himself with getting it from Tyler.

Outside, Matt and Tyler are hanging lanterns. I really want a backyard filled with paper lanterns. I suppose I need a backyard first. Matt is venting to Ty about Caroline being totally amazing one moment and crazy the next. Ty is pretty great, reminding Matt that while Caroline has a lot of less desirable tendencies, she has a big heart and means well. Matt leaves to grab an extension cord (so manly) and Jeremy approaches Tyler to tell him that he did research on the moonstone. He asks to see the stone and Ty tells him that he gave it to Mason. A very pissed Damon and nonchalant Stefan use their super creepy hearing to eavesdrop.

This is pretty much my ideal- Matt and paper lanterns.

This is pretty much my ideal- Matt and paper lanterns.

Elena, breaking her own rules, texts Stefan to find out what’s happening. He tells her that he is with Bonnie and Damon, and will fill her in later. Damon has dragged Bonnie away to ask her for a favor, which it doesn’t seem like she will be doing. Elena sends another text, demanding to be filled in now. This girl has a serious impatience problem. Stefan tells Bonnie that they want her help in a plan to get the upper hand on Mason and Katherine. Elena hasn’t been answered immediately, so she calls Stefan. He reminds her that she shouldn’t be calling and while she agrees, she also launches into a tirade about not knowing what’s going on. He steps away from Damon and Bonnie to fill her in.

Meanwhile, Damon asks Bonnie to touch Mason again to see if he has given the moonstone to Katherine. Bonnie points out that she can’t choose what her visions show. Damon asks what is up with the witchy migraines she loves to give him. Turns out she is repeatedly giving him an aneurysm. I always knew Bonnie was an asshole. He asks if she can do it on people who aren’t vampires. She starts to get holier than thou, saying she won’t help him hurt Mason but he reminds her that Mason is working with Katherine and is therefore a threat to Elena. I love when Damon shoots straight.

Mason attempts to leave the Lockwood Mansion but a vehicle is blocking his Jeep. He sees Bonnie trying to remove a table from the back of a van and goes to help her. As he begins to pull the table, she hits him with the witchy aneurysm. He grabs his head and screams in pain before falling to his knees. Bonnie apologizes and Damon comes along and knees him in the face. BEST EVER. Bonnie gets into Mason’s jeep while Stefan and Damon throw his unconscious body into the trunk. Damon and Bonnie drive off while Stefan stays behind.

Caroline is still with Liz in the basement holding cell at the Salvatore Boarding House. She explains to Liz that while she does prefer human blood over animal, she only drinks from blood bags. She mentions that Damon steals the blood from hospitals and Stefan is a bood-aholic. Way to rat out your friends. She impresses/scares (I can’t really tell) Liz with her super hearing, mentioning that Damon has arrived home.

Upstairs, Damon drops Mason into a chair while Bonnie carries his man bag. They lay a sheet over the rug to make sure it doesn’t get stained. I love that Damon thinks like I do. No need to dirty/ruin items in the house in order to get your torture on. He removes chains from Mason’s bag and begins to tie him up while Bonnie attempts to use witchy magic to locate the moonstone. While grasping Mason’s head, she sees someone dark and wet. A well! As she leaves, Mason awakens, earning him a punch to the face from Damon. Good morning sunshine!

Shit is about to get real.

Shit is about to get real.

Caroline just happens to come up from the basement as Bonnie is headed for the door. Bonnie stops to make small talk, asking how Liz is doing. Caroline says she’s taking her home tonight and asks if they found the moonstone. Bonnie says no and asks if she remembers the location of a well they played near as children. Seems it is on the old Lockwood property. Bonnie sends Stefan a text with the location and starts to leave when Caroline offers to go with her. She initially refuses, causing Care to have a sad but changes her mind and lets her tag along.

Matt and Elena are sorting through costumes and masks at the Lockwood Mansion when he asks her where Caroline is. He thinks that she might be seeing someone as this isn’t the type of this she would miss. Stefan and Tyler enter the room as Elena is assuring Matt that Caroline is still very much single. Ty asks if anyone has seen Mason and Stefan tells him that he took off, saying he wasn’t sure when he would be back. As Tyler leaves, Stefan gets Bonnie’s text, telling him to search the well for the moonstone. There is an extremely awkward moment where Elena goes to approach him but he waves her off. He walks away as she goes back to miserably sorting the costumes. Matt makes a joke about the tension in the room before Elena heads out of the house.

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, a still chained to the chair Mason is watching Damon heat an iron poker in the fireplace. Awesome. Mason, understandably, tries to escape from the chair with little success. He manages to knock the chair backwards, for which he earns a poker in the chest. Damon taunts Mason as he watches the wound quickly heal. He pulls him and the chair upright before heating the poker in the fireplace once again. He asks Mason how he knows Katherine and what they are doing but Mason refuses to answer, spitting on the floor. Not a good choice. This time Damon aims the poker at his stomach.

Someone get an ouchie?

Someone get an ouchie?

Stefan heads to investigate the well when Elena comes running up from behind him. He tells her that she shouldn’t there and fills her in on the moonstone in a well theory. He breaks the lock off of the grating and removes it from the top of the well. He jumps into it and his skin instantly begins burning. He presses himself against the wall and screams for Elena. He tries to climb out but can’t, the well having been filled with vervain. Elena is failing at her rescue attempt (stupid human strength) when Caroline comes to save the day! She grabs a chain off the ground.

Damon continues to question Mason about Katherine when Jeremy arrives. He founds wolfsbane in Ric’s box and through it would be useful. Damon asks Mason once again what Katherine is doing in Mystic Falls before burning his cheek with the wolfsbane. Mason says she is there to be with him and accuses Damon of being jealous. Why does Mason only make stupid choices? Damon shoves the wolfsbane into his mouth.

Elena has wrapped the other end of the chain around herself when Bonnie arrives at the well. Caroline lowers Elena into the well until she reaches an unconscious Stefan. She unhooks the chain and wraps it around Stefan who is then pulled up by Caroline. Elena, acting smart for once, searches the well for the moonstone. She finds a wooden box just in time to be attacked by snakes. She is pulled up via chain and runs to Stefan, calling his name. She cuts her hand with a rock (ouch!) and feeds Stefan her blood, telling him that she got the stone.

Not a great look for Stefan.

Not a great look for Stefan.

Damon is still big with the torturing, despite Mason refusing to answer any of his questions. Jer is a little squeamish about the whole thing, telling Damon he thinks Mason would have given him answers if he had them. Damon threatens to burn Mason’s eyes, causing the dam of information to burst. Mason admits that the moonstone is in the well and he’s getting it for Katherine. She wants to use it to break the sun and moon curse so he can stop turning because they are in lurve.  Damon responds to this with a sarcastic laugh and tells Mason that Katherine is just using him. He gives Jeremy the wolfsbane and tells him to get lost. Jer attempts to stand up to him until Damon begins choking him and reminding him that Mason a werewolf and would kill him if given the chance. Jeremy leaves just before Damon rips Mason’s heart out of his chest. Peace out Uncle Handsome.

Ric and Jenna are cooking together in the Gilbert kitchen. How very romantic. They take multiple brief pauses to get their kiss on. It is all very sweet. Elena tries to sneak into the house but Ric sees her. They exchange a look as she heads upstairs.

Freaking adorable.

Freaking adorable.

Caroline is excitedly recapping the events of the day to Liz who is still being held captive in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House. Liz is impressed that Caroline has become such a confident person. She begs Care not to take her memories away. She swears to protect her secret if Caroline fakes compelling her. Caroline has a major sad, finally feeling like she is connecting with her mom but knowing that she has to compel her for the good of the group. She uses her compulsion to make Liz think she has been home sick, bickering with her selfish daughter. It’s quite heart breaking.

Upstairs Damon is rolling Mason’s body up in a blanket. Stefan arrives and shows him the moonstone that caused so much trouble. Damon takes Mason’s cell phone and sends Carol a text, telling her he is going back to Florida and will send for his things. He pushes redial on the last number called and gets Katherine. He taunts her, telling her that Mason is dead and he has the moonstone. She is pissed, and reminds him that she always has a backup plan, or plans.

Elena has come downstairs from her bedroom to help set the table for dinner. Jenna, who has been on the phone, tells Elena that someone wants to talk to her. Who should be on the phone but Katherine! She tells Elena that she knows she has been with Stefan. She also tells her that she swapped out Jenna’s vervain perfume and convinced her to stop drinking her vervain tea. Jenna has been compelled to act as Katherine’s spy. Suddenly Jenna takes a knife and stabs herself in the stomach, falling to the floor.

Fuck Katherine. Seriously.

Fuck Katherine. Seriously.

Jeremy meets Elena at Mystic Falls Hospital where she tells him that Jenna is okay and doesn’t remember a thing. They have a great sibling (or cousin) bonding moment where Jer hugs her and reassures her that Katherine will pay.

Tyler arrives back at the Lockwood Mansion and has a chat with his mom. Carol tells him that Mason went back to Florida. Ty has a sad, thinking that Mason abandoned him.

Elena arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House where she finds Stefan standing by the fireplace, having a cry. He apologizes while Elena monologues about how Jenna’s accident is their fault for not listening to Katherine. She breaks up with him and they are both giant balls of emotion, crying all over everything and having a goodbye kiss. As Elena leaves the house, Damon stops her and apologizes for riling Katherine up. She tells him that Katherine won and takes off.

Stefan cry face is so sad.

Stefan cry face is so sad.

Katherine is pacing around her bedroom at the B&B, talking to someone about mind control being a necessary evil. She needs a werewolf and lost the one she had now that Mason is dead. She’s talking to Matt! She compels him to go after Tyler and not stop until Ty kills him. Oh shit!




DAMON: “He’s playing Indiana Jones. He involved himself.”

DAMON: “It really is a curse, isn’t it? You know, I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.”

DAMON: “Mason? Oh, he’s right next to me if you want us to send him over. Except his heart’s on the other side of the room.”


Last.fm_play.png “This=Love” by The Script. Elena watches Stefan sleep; Katherine and Mason fool around.

Last.fm_play.png “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys. Carol thanks Jenna for helping with the masquerade ball; Jenna invites Stefan for dinner.

Last.fm_play.png “Science Of Fear” by The Temper Trap. Matt and Tyler discuss Caroline while hanging lanterns; Jeremy and Tyler talk about the moonstone.

Last.fm_play.png “Wires” by Athlete. Carol tells Tyler that Mason left; Elena breaks up with Stefan; Damon apologizes to Elena for riling Katherine up.


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