For Your Consideration: The Office, 4.09 “Dinner Party”

I know a lot of people who don’t like The Office. Many of them used to be fans but have seen a recent decline in hilariousness that renders them unable to remember the good times. You know the ones I’m talking about- season two thru five.

Lucky for them, and you, I am here to provide you guys with an amazing reminder. I present for your enjoyment what I consider to be some of the funniest 22 minutes on television: “Dinner Party”. Enjoy!


Michael’s fake argument with the corporate office. I love that Michael thinks he is fooling the office with his hammy performance. Best line: “These people are my friends and I care about them!”

Dwight’s confessional. This is, in my opinion, one of the best scenes that Rainn Wilson has done. The tearing up is incredible.


“Babe”. For some reason (possibly this episode) babe is my go to pet nickname. Not only do I use it for my boyfriend, but also Bestie, my little brother, and my roommate. Basically everyone that I sing inappropriately to.

Jan has both an office and a workspace. I have always been a huge fan of Jan’s alpha female personality and I can think of no better illustration than this. She moves into her boyfriend’s condo and takes over two of the three bedrooms for completely frivolous reasons. She’s unemployed yet she has an office. Awesome.

“When I get frustrated, or irritated or angry, I come up here and I just smell all my candles!”

Jan’s not at all hidden disdain of almost everything that Michael does. From the sigh at the plasma TV demonstration to the look she shoots Pam when Michael gives her his coat. Jan is a national treasure.


Angela’s refusal to accept Andy’s sweet gestures. I absolutely adore when he gives her the rose and she asks what she’s supposed to do with it. I completely understand this response and have given it on more than one occasion. Also, the ice cream into the side of the car.

The Hunted. I like to imagine that Nicholas D’Agosto really sang the song. “That One Night” is truly one of my favorite things that has ever existed. I sing it on the regular and often text the lyrics to Bestie. It is full-on amazing.

You took me by the hand
Made me a man
That one night (one night)
You made everything all right
That one night (one night)
You made everything all right
So raw, so right, all night, all right, oh yeah
So raw, so right, all night, all right, oh yeah
Oh yeah

Jan’s enthusiasm at listening to The Hunted. Check out those sweet dance moves.



Michael and Jan’s argument over Jim’s face during Charades and his bathroom confessional. I think we’ve all met couples like Michael and Jan who just implode in front of you. It is horrifying and captivating at the same time.



Jan must be the devil. This is the most screwed up exchange ever and I love every awkward minute of it.

thedevil1 thedevil2

Dwight’s date. I agree with Pam, it’s awesome that he shows up with a date, wine glasses, and his own beet salad. The relationship between Dwight and his date is “purely carnal” and she’s doesn’t know what email is. At the end of the night, he sees her on a bus stop bench and pretends that he doesn’t know her. I love all of these things.

Snip, snap! Snip, snap! Snip, snap! No one can know the physical toll that three vasectomies will have on a person. Unless that person is named Michael Scott.

Michael thinks that Jan is trying to poison him. Why in the hell would you live with someone that you honestly believe is poisoning you? Again, only Michael Scott.

“And I’m a candlemaker…” I quote this all the time. It may be the funniest line in the entire episode.


This beautiful disaster. I know it’s coming the entire episode, but it still kills me every time.

As someone who supported their ex while he was in school, this strikes a particularly funny chord.

tumblr_m1axi3Q9vG1qcbdkso1_250 tumblr_m1axi3Q9vG1qcbdkso2_250 tumblr_m1axi3Q9vG1qcbdkso3_250

“I stole this. For you, babe.” Jim and Pam singing along with Hunter’s stolen CD is the perfect ending to the episode. Doesn’t everyone want to be like Jim and Pam, the early years?



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