Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.03 Bad Moon Rising

Alaric arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House where he is greeted by Damon and immediately offered bourbon. This is basically my dream come true. Stefan asks if Ric knows anything about the Lockwood family. Ric is confused as to why they think he would know anything until Damon mentions Isobel. The Brothers Salvatore plus Elena thought she may have come across something while she was doing research at Duke. Ric says she uncovered a story about lycanthropes, which causes Damon to make a great Lon Cheney crack. The gang tells Ric that they are suspicious of the Lockwoods because the Gilbert device affected Mayor Douche and Tyler. Plus Mason pulled those crazy ninja moves while breaking up the school carnival fight. Ric tells them that Isobel’s research is at Duke seeing as she is still believed to be a missing person. I’m pretty sure they would have packed up her shit and mailed it off to Alaric by now.

Meanwhile, Tyler has been stalking Mason around the Lockwood Mansion. Creeper. He follows Mason as he goes for a run through the woods. He takes a detour from working on his fitness to head into the ruins. After Mason leaves, Tyler goes spying. He finds an underground structure complete with scratched walls. Cryptic.

Someone needs to hire a new interior decorator fast!

Matt is knocking on the door at Caroline’s but she is trapped inside thanks to the sunlight. He tries calling her to invite her to Tyler’s party at the swimming hole. Poor guy. He just wants to flash his abs at his girlfriend while they swim.

At the Gilbert house, Elena is packing for a trip to Duke with Damon and Ric. Stefan is staying behind to make sure that Caroline isn’t a danger. I don’t understand why Stefan keeps pushing Damon and Elena together. It seems as though he is asking for a repeat of the Katherine situation. They talk about how much they will hate being apart and make with the smooches.

Jenna and Alaric chat downstairs while he waits for Elena. She is thankful that he is providing Elena with an opportunity to learn about her birth mother. Oh Jenna, if you only knew. Ric pretends like he is going to box up Isobel’s things rather than research the supernatural. He tries to apologize for the stop and go of their relationship but Jenna cuts him off, telling him to do what he needs to do. Stefan and Elena arrive downstairs and the girls have a moment bonding over “men and their baggage”. Damon is delightfully snarky, apologizing to Stefan for his not being able to make the trip. He promises to take care of Elena who thanks him by making out with Stefan. Damon is less than pleased and prompts them to get the show on the road.

Best grump face ever.

Having returned to the Lockwood Mansion, Tyler questions Carol about the ruins in the woods. She tells him that it was the original Lockwood Plantation House that burned to the ground. Tyler asks about the underground room and Carol informs him that they don’t speak of such things (aka slavery). Mason enters the room and asks what they are talking about. Does anyone ever really do that? I can’t think of a single time where that has happened in reality. Tyler tells him they were discussing the old property and also, he’s going swimming with friends. Just an FYI.

Stefan and Bonnie are sitting at the Mystic Grill, discussing the possibility of creating a daylight ring for Caroline. Bonnie doesn’t think she can do it. More importantly, she doesn’t really want to do it seeing as Caroline killed the guy that flirted with her at the carnival. Get over it already. Stefan tells her the instructions for ring making should be in the grimoire and reminds her that every day Caroline can’t connect with her family and friends, she is pushed closer into darkness. He asks Bonnie to trust him if she can’t trust Caroline.

Damon tries to make small talk while they ride to Duke with Ric. He argues with Elena about whether or not he knew Jeremy was wearing his Gilbert resurrection ring when Damon snapped his neck. Does anything else think the show would have been better off if he wasn’t? Just me?

Bonnie is at Caroline’s house with Stefan, having caved on making the daylight ring. Caroline is kind of a brat, whining about not being able to choose her ring. This isn’t Day’s Jewelers bitch. Bonnie threatens to dispel the ring if Caroline hurts anyone. She seriously needs to stop power tripping. You’re no Dark Willow, okay Bonnie? Chill the fuck out. Caroline is unimpressed by the lack of flickering lights or gusting wind as Bonnie completes the spell. Bonnie throws back the curtain in reply, bathing ring wearing Caroline in potentially flesh-burning sunlight. Caroline yells at her for gambling with her precious skin. Bonnie takes her haughty attitude and grimorie out the door.

Not the ugliest piece of jewelry featured.

The trio arrives at Duke and head for the anthropology department to dig through Isobel’s research. They are greeted by her assistant Vanessa who gives Elena a strange look. She gushes to Ric about Isobel as she leads them to her office. Vanessa says she’ll get the light and disappears. As Damon questions where she went, Vanessa returns with crossbow in hand. She shoots an arrow at Elena but Damon super speeds and puts himself in front of her. The arrow pierces through his back as Ric grabs Vanessa and pushes her into a wall. Nice greeting psycho.

Elena has the pleasure of removing the arrow from Damon’s back. He threatens to kill Vanessa but Elena is a party pooper, telling him that she won’t speak to him again if he does. He tells her that he knows she is trying to manipulate him. Elena makes some snotty comments about Damon being a psychotic mind and says she’s just telling the truth. Meanwhile Vanessa is pleading with Ric. She freaked out, mistaking Elena for Katherine and recognizing Damon as someone who died in 1864. Elena and Damon enter the room and Elena tells her that she is a descendant of Katherine. She asks for her help in looking through Isobel’s research on Mystic Falls. Damon is adorable, threatening that she better be extra nice to him on account of the arrow.

I am not okay with this.

I am not okay with this.

Stefan is attempting to teach Caroline how to hunt for rabbits in the woods. As someone who has owned rabbits, I AM NOT COOL WITH THIS. JUST BITE A FREAKING HUMAN. Caroline is having a hard time concentrating what with the swimming party going on and Matt existing. She feels bad that she has had to dodge him now that he said he loves her. Stefan laughs, telling her that all of a person’s natural behaviors are amplified when they become a vampire, meaning Caroline is going to be extra insecure and neurotic. Yay? Stefan promises that they can go swimming after they hunt. He thinks Matt is the best thing to help her hold on to her humanity.

Back at Duke, Vanessa brings Elena a box of info about when Katherine came to Mystic Falls in 1864. Elena hands Vanessa some vervain that was in the box; she thinks it will help to protect her from Damon. There is a delightful exchange in which Vanessa whispers questions to Elena that Damon answers loudly from the next room:

Vanessa: Does vervain really work?
Damon: Nope, not at all.
Vanessa: Can he hear us?
Damon: No, that would be creepy.
Vanessa: Can he read minds too?
Damon: You know, if you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask.

Elena shuts down the fun, telling Vanessa that Damon (sadly) cannot read minds and Vanessa pockets the vervain.

Tyler and Matt are at the swimming hole, looking amazing. Matt has a mini-sad over whether or not Caroline loves him. Poor Matty. Mason arrives to crap all over the party. He tells Tyler to make sure everyone has cleared out by dark; the Lockwoods are liable for anything that happens on their property and Mason doesn’t want any kids getting wasted and drowning. Mason leaves as Stefan and Caroline arrive, earning a meaningful glance from Stefan. Caroline gently teases him for being so serious and it’s pretty adorable.

Hey handsome, come join the party.

Hey handsome, come join the party.

Amy Bradley, a supposed hot girl, attempts to flirt with Matt, who cannot swim because he is in a cast. Caroline arrives and is bitchy but in an awesome way, compelling Amy to get lost. Matt is a little pissed that Caroline has been dodging his calls (both house and phone) and then shows up acting jealous. He takes off without letting her explain and Stefan comes over to scold her for using compulsion. Then they have another little joking moment about her amplified craziness. I wish Stefan and Caroline would date so I could date Matt. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. Oh wait, I can.

I can TOTALLY believe it. Especially when he looks like this.

I can TOTALLY believe it. Especially when he looks like this.

Ric, Elena and Damon are still digging through boxes in Isobel’s office. Vanessa tells them that there is an ancient (600 year old) Aztec legend about werewolves that originated in Virginia. Why Aztecs, who are native to Central Mexico, would be writing about folks in Virginia is beyond me. The “curse of the sun and the moon” goes as such: vampires and werewolves were driving the Aztecs crazy with their terrorizing so a shaman put a curse on them, allowing vampires to walk only at night and werewolves to turn only at the full moon. Vampires slaughtered almost all of the werewolves as their bite is fatal. Basically a super lame legend.

Back at the swimming hole night has fallen and everyone is starting to take off per Tyler’s request. Stefan and Caroline discuss Matt while he stands off alone, looking very hot despite the cast. Stefan tells her to go talk to Matt while he takes a phone call from Elena. Matt is still pissed that Caroline is acting insecure even after he told her that he loves her. She apologizes for acting like a freak and promises that there will be no more drama. As if such a thing is possible. I am insanely jealous as they kiss and take off.

Stefan is still on the phone, discussing the curse of the werewolf with Elena. He promises to be careful around Mason, the possible werewolf and Elena fills him in on the whole fatal bite thing. They hang up and Stefan goes in search of Caroline who has left her cell phone in Matt’s car.

Mason is chaining himself up in the old ruins when he hears Tyler approaching with Aimee. Ty tells her that he is moving the party to his creepy family ruins. Sorry, but that is not the kind of party locale I would be on board for. Thanks to Caroline’s compulsion, Aimee checks with Tyler that he is single before following him for a private party. Gag me.

I feel wrong that I consider this a turn on.

I feel wrong that I consider this a turn on.

Mason is running through the woods, trying to chain himself to a tree. He looks at the moon and begins howling/screaming. Do guys ever really scream? I mean, besides Nick Miller in the haunted house on New Girl. He continues his loud noise making, running towards his car and climbing inside. The car begins to move around and growling commences.

Elena is still looking through boxes when she comes across a photo of Katherine. She asks Vanessa if they did any research on doppelgangers. Vanessa tells her that a doppelganger is “a living, breathing double of oneself”. No duh. Isn’t is also said that everyone has a doppelganger wandering the Earth? Elena questions the link between her and Katherine. Vanessa tells her everything Isobel found on Katherine is in the box. And, oh hey, doppelgangers torment the person that look like. Isn’t that fun and uplifting? Damon eludes to knowing why Katherine and Elena look alike but refuses to tell Elena anything while her attitude is snotty. Elena gives a lame little speech about his wanting to be her friend in theory only, because real friends don’t manipulate each other and I’m officially bored now. Thanks Elena.

Tyler and Aimee are making out in the ruins when she calls for a time out. Despite coming with him to the creepy ruins, she just isn’t into him. She tells Ty she likes Matt and takes off. Hard core rejection isn’t pretty.

Stefan is searching for Caroline in the woods when he hears growling sounds issuing from Mason’s car. So naturally he walks towards it. How is Stefan still alive after all of this time when he has zero skills in self preservation? He sees chains on the ground and looks into the car, where his gaze is greeted by yellow glowing eyes. A wolf leaps through the window, landing on Stefan before taking off.

Vanessa attempts to flirt with Ric outside before the gang takes off. It’s kind of gross. She worked with his dead wife. Ric warns her from discussing the visit with anyone, afraid for her safety. She asks if Isobel’s “disappearance” had anything to do with her research. Ric tells her Isobel is a vampire and he has moved on.

Meanwhile, Damon is quite the gentleman, opening the car door for Elena. I love when men have manners. He offers her a book with the name Petrova written on it. He tells her that Katherine’s name was originally Katerina Petrova. Elena goes to enter the car but he stops her. Damon asks if he has lost her forever after his stunt with Jeremy. She thanks him for the book but doesn’t answer his question.

Caroline and Matt begin making out in the woods when they too hear mysterious growling. She gets a little intense, pushing Matt into a tree. He shows her that his wrist is bleeding and she totally vamps out, drinking his blood. He freaks and she bites his neck, going for the jugular. Stefan arrives just in time to stop her from killing my poor, innocent Matt. Her face returns to normal just as Matt passes out, falling to the ground. Stefan and Caroline leave Matt (WTF?), running through the woods to distract the werewolf. Caroline stops when they reach the ruins and Tyler appears. The wolf also arrives and rushes toward Caroline, knocking her over. Stefan charges at the wolf, which causes Tyler to yell the word no? The wolf locks eyes with Ty and leaves.

I will straight up kill Caroline if this happens again.

I will straight up kill Caroline if this happens again.

Caroline compels Matt to forget about that time she viciously attacked him. You know, ten minutes ago. He now thinks they were making out in the woods when an animal attacked and bit his neck. Likely story. Stefan tells Caroline that he took care of Tyler, whatever that means, and promises to get Matt on the good ol’ vervain. She is still shocked that she could ever hurt Matt. Her and Stefan commiserate over the fact that they shouldn’t be with their significant others but just can’t seem to quit them.

Tyler waits at Mason’s car as he arrives in human form. Ty asks Mason if he was the wolf and is answered in the affirmative. Damon was right!

Matt is all by his lonesome at a table in the Mystic Grill where he is approached by Aimee. Seriously chick, get lost. Caroline has the same thought process that I do and heads to the table to scare her off. Aimee tries to play the innocent “We were just talking” card but Caroline totally calls her out for crushing on Matt. Aimee gets scared and runs away, tail between her legs. Matt breaks up with her for being jealous and full of drama, which we know was Caroline’s plan all along. Poor Caroline. Poor Matt. Hugs all around?

Jenna and Ric have smooches in the Gilbert kitchen. They are super adorable. Please last as a couple for more than five seconds.

Less biting Matt, more of this.

Less biting Matt, and more of this.

Meanwhile, Damon and Elena are outside, having a chat. Damon makes some cute banter about road trips being their thing but Elena is SUPER SERIOUS. She tells him that things aren’t like they used to be and asks if he really saw Jeremy’s ring before snapping his neck. He admits that he didn’t and apologizes to Elena, saying he doesn’t know what he would have done if Jer hadn’t been wearing the ring. Um, have a party? Just a suggestion. Elena thanks him for his honest and tells him that he has lost her friendship forever. Damon has a serious sad, knowing that Elena was using him to get information on Katherine. He throws back the line she gave him about friends not manipulating friends and leaves. Poor Damon. Stop making me feel so many feels.

Caroline awakens in her bed to find a familiar looking brunette at her side. Because that’s not creepy in the least bit. What is with this show and people spying on each other while they sleep? Caroline asks hopefully if this is Elena. Guess again! Katherine promises Caroline that they are going to have so much fun!

The face of pure evil has my dream hair.

The face of pure evil has my dream hair.



DAMON: “I got you something to drink? Coffee, bourbon? Bourbon in your coffee?”

DAMON: “If this Wolf Man thing is true, I’ve seen enough movies to know it’s not good. It means Mason Lockwood is a real-life Lon Chaney and that little Tyler punk may just very well be Lon Chaney, Jr. which means Bela Lugosi, meaning me, is totally screwed.”

CAROLINE: “So you’re saying that now I’m basically an insecure, neurotic control freak on crack.”

CAROLINE: “Isn’t killing cute, defenseless animals the first step in becoming a serial killer?”


Courtney Ford as Vanessa Monroe


Tiya Sircar as Aimee Bradley


Last.fm_play.png “Under My Bed” by Meiko. Matt looks for Caroline at her house.

Last.fm_play.png “In Your Skin” by Lifehouse. Bonnie tells Stefan that she doesn’t want to make Caroline a daylight ring.

Last.fm_play.png “Fantasy Friend Forever” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Mason tells Tyler to end the party at the swimming hole by nightfall; Stefan takes Caroline hunting.

Last.fm_play.png “Send A Little Love Token” by The Duke Spirit. Caroline compels Aimee Bradley to go flirt with single guys.

Last.fm_play.png “Changes” by Stars. Caroline apologizes to Matt for being jealous; Elena tells Stefan about the werewolf curse.

Last.fm_play.png “Ashes And Wine” by A Fine Frenzy. Matt breaks up with Caroline; Ric and Jenna kiss; Damon tells Elena he didn’t know Jeremy was wearing his resurrection ring when he snapped his neck.


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