Song Challenge Take 2: Day 46

Your favorite song from this year

“I Could If I Wanted To” / Santino Fontana (2016)

Are you watching the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? If you aren’t, you definitely should be. The best part of the show are the original songs written by Rachel Bloom and her writing team. They are my everything and I love almost all of them: “The Sexy Getting Ready Song”, “I Have Friends”, “Settle for Me”, “JAP Battle”. The list goes on and on. My absolute favorite of all the songs from the show is “I Could If I Wanted To”.

Sung by the character Greg, who is pretty much the male version of me, this song is a perfect send-up of the apathetic culture that is so prevalent today. Greg prefers to fail through laziness. He could have gotten an A on his law school paper if he tried. He could be an investment banker if he wanted. He could have a family complete with kids if he cared. I love the sarcasm (because who doesn’t) and the disdain for everything, including the song being sung.


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