Six Months Later…

Guys- life has been so crazy!! I have a seven week old baby. She is beautiful and brilliant and everything she does is absolutely fascinating. She is a ball of energy and I now understand why I was so tired for all of my pregnancy- she was stealing all my zest! I took a long hiatus from writing to recover from all the days of swollen feet, back aches, and intense acid reflux. It was totally worth it. Taking a nap after a long day of work while pregnant: priceless!

I am hoping that I will be able to do a couple of posts a week now that life is settling in a tiny bit. I am lucky to have a baby who LOVES her swing (best. gift. ever.) which gives me a little bit of time to myself every day. Since every day doesn’t have to be about cleaning the house, I would like to commit some of that time to writing posts again. Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re a longtime reader (HEY MOM), you know I love recapping my favorite Halloween-themed episodes of TV shows.

Cheers to new phases of life and what is hopefully a return to one of my favorite hobbies. Here’s hoping my next blog post won’t be written in six months from now.


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  1. Hey!!! Thanks for the shout out. 😋 Love you & my beautiful granddaughter!!! ❤️

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