Song Challenge Take 2: Day 37

An essential karaoke song

“Total Eclipse of the Heart”/ Bonnie Tyler (1983)

I don’t think I’ve ever sang karaoke (outside of friends’ living rooms). I have wanted to about a zillion times but no one will ever do it with me. Lame friends, I know. I recently tried to talk Bestie S into having a karaoke machine for my baby shower and she quickly vetoed the idea. Damn haters.

If I were to perform karaoke, I think my go to song would be “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. I’ve already spent a significant chunk of my time practicing in the shower. If pretty much a perfect song: tender moments, a soaring chorus, and cheesy/endearing lyrics. The biggest selling points for performing this are that it would be hilarious and awkward, two of my favorite things.

Also, this happened. You’re welcome.


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