Song Challenge Take 2: Day 35

Your favorite cover song

“Love In This Club” / The Automatic (2008)

I love a great cover song. There is something really great about artists putting their own spin on a old favorite (or current top 40 hit). One of my favorite recent covers (because I have oh so many and it has been well documented here, here, here, here, and here) is “Love In This Club”, a cover of an Usher song done by The Automatic. I first encountered this punk rock take on a R&B slow jam while listening to Radio 1’s Live Lounge – Volume 3. If you haven’t listened to any of the Live Lounge albums, I highly recommend that you do so; it is like a goldmine for great covers and live tracks.

Once I heard “Love In this Club” I became a tiny bit obsessed. I looked up the tab for my guitar and soon found myself spending hours playing it. I even recorded what is probably a very embarrassing video of myself playing and singing the song to send to my little brother to make fun of. I really hope he’s deleted that video.


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