Song Challenge Take 2: Day 28

A song you change the words to when you sing it

“Summer Girls” / LFO (1999)

When I was in sixth grade I had a crush on a boy named Parker. Totally normal teenage girl stuff. Except I was more like a seven year old boy who thought the best way to flirt was to be really mean to him. I would shove burrs down his shirt during soccer practice and regularly told him how much I hated him. He was basically a saint, attempting to be friends despite my behavior. He even went to see The Mummy with me but that’s an embarrassing story for another time.

My oldest BFF and I rewrote the song “Summer Girls” (the hot song of the spring) to reflect my awkward flirting and as one might imagine it was a total train wreck. The lyrics were mean and not in a particularly witty way. The timing was all wrong and they didn’t rhyme. I think I only remember it to this day because the song was so terrible. Despite this, I still can’t help but sing our altered lyrics any time the song pops up on my ipod. Nostalgia gets me every time.


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