Song Challenge Take 2: Day 25

Worst song you have ever seen performed live

“Criminal” / Fiona Apple (1996)

The same summer that I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert, I attended a Fiona Apple concert. It was in the same venue with the same group of friends about a month or so earlier. I can’t really say “Criminal” was the worst song, as the entire concert was a train wreck. The show was at State Theater in Portland, Maine. It’s a pretty small venue- it only seats 1,680. I like it there because it’s more intimate and has a bar in the back. There’s no heading out to the lobby to get your beer, a major plus. The downside of the State is that voices carry, both of the vocalist and the audience members.

It was shortly after “Criminal” that Apple had a mini-meltdown, cussing out the crowd for singing along and talking. Seriously. She hurled obscenities at fans daring to get into her groove. When the crowd didn’t quiet down enough for her, she cut the show short. It seems bizarre to punish a fan base for digging an artist too much. No one was heckling her, they were simply showing love for the powerful lyrics. It was definitely a big turn-off for me. I was’t really a fan before and I certainly wouldn’t call myself one now.


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