Song Challenge Take 2: Day 23

Song from a band or artist that you have met in person

“Collide” / Howie Day (2003)

Unfortunately I have only met one mainstream musician in real life and that is Howie Day. I certainly wouldn’t say that I know him, but I did meet him on one occasion when I was in middle school. At the time I lived in Orono, Maine, a very small town despite being home to the University of Maine. Every Fall the town celebrates Orono Festival Day. All the roads downtown are closed off and vendors set up booths to sell food and various festival goods (shirts, jewelry, art, etc.). There is a stage with dance performances and of course, live music. Howie Day was a young, unsigned teenager who was playing guitar and singing on one of the street corners. I remember my friends and I introducing ourselves and pestering him to play Eve 6 (which he said he couldn’t do). We soon wandered off and I forgot about him.

Imagine my surprise when about five years later I heard his name on the radio. His song “Collide” was on the pop charts and playing in pretty heavy rotation. While I don’t particularly care for the song, it is still pretty cool to have met someone famous, even if it was only for a couple of minutes.


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