Song Challenge Take 2: Day 20

A song you know most or part of the choreography to

“Give It to You” / Jordan Knight (1999)

Does anyone else remember Darrin’s Dance Grooves? Darrin Henson was the choreographer to the stars in the late 90’s and early 00’s. He came up with the moves for all the boy bands and pop divas. He released a video of him breaking down some of the most popular pop music videos and teaching the dance moves from them in a gym setting.

I never owned the VHS tape (yes, it’s/I’m that old) but there was a segment on television where the clip of “Give It to You” was played in its entirety. It was perfect for me because I am a dancing fool who heavily relies on counting. Darrin broke down each section of the video, making it easy to groove like Jordan. I remember taping the clip and rewinding it over and over again to learn all the steps. I wish I had tape of my twelve year old self attempting to nail the entire routine in the living room of my apartment. I’d probably pee my pants laughing so hard.

I managed to find the clip from Darrin’s Dance Moves on youtube. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m tempted to try to see how much I can remember. Maybe I’ll find some time when Husband is at work so I don’t totally embarrass myself. I’ve shared the video below; maybe you’ll take a stab at it and maybe you won’t. Just remember to enjoy.


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