Song Challenge Take 2: Day 16

A song you have seen performed live

“The Way I Am” / Ingrid Michaelson (2006)

Sometime during the Summer of 2012 I had the pleasure of seeing Ingrid Michaelson perform live in Portland, Maine. I went with my former roommate and some of her friends for a girls’ night out. It was perfect- tacos, drinks, and indie pop. I was happily grooving along when she sang my favorite of all her songs: “The Way I Am”.

The first time I heard the song was during an Old Navy commercial for sweaters. The lyrics were a perfect match to the visual: “If you are chilly, here take my sweater”. It sounds a little cornball and it probably was but I loved it none the less. After tracking down the name of the song, I looked up the album and quickly became enamored.

I love the song so much that it became one of the first songs I learned to play on my guitar. Two years later and I still talk Husband into playing and singing it with me as often as he will tolerate. It’s not quite as exhilarating an experience as seeing Ingrid perform it with her band, but it comes pretty close.


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