Song Challenge Take 2: Day 6

A song from an Artist you discovered from a TV show

“The River Has Run Wild” / Mads Langer (2011)

I had never even heard the name Mads Langer until I got swept up in a song/moment during The Vampire Diaries. I was innocently watching one of my fave shows (seriously, read my old recaps) when my interest was piqued by a song in the background of one of Damon’s scenes. Frankly I’m surprised I even noticed any music given how freaking distracting Ian Somerhalder’s hotness can be. I Googled the song list for the episode and after a little listening, I heard “The River Has Run Wild”. It’s a beautiful song- haunting instrumentals and tragic lyrics. I highly recommend listening not just to this song, but any of the songs off his album Behold.


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