Song Challenge Take 2: Day 1

A song that reminds you of your first car

“Fever For the Flava” / Hot Action Cop (2003)

My first car wasn’t really MY first car. My senior year of high school I was allowed to drive my father’s Toyota 4Runner while he was stationed in Japan. My most frequent co-pilot was my brother Matty, who was about eleven years old at the time. His age is an important factor when discussing riding around listening to Hot Action Cop’s self titled CD. It’s vulgar and tacky, and we both loved it. We would listen to the CD on repeat, jamming out to lyrics about drinking Bacardi and stripping girls down like cars in barrios.

One of our favorite songs was “Fever For the Flava”, a song played in the movies Grind and Hot Chick. As a teenager I was obsessed with Grind because Adam Brody was the owner of my heart. My brother liked it because of the skateboarding. It was this unrequited love that prompted me to buy the CD and listen to it non-stop. While others may have found their rap-rock stylings to be horrific, we embraced the sleazy lyrics (largely euphemisms for sex and private parts). Sometimes it’s fun to roll around in the proverbial gutter.

Every once in a while my ipod will be on random shuffle and “Fever For the Flava” will come on, instantly bringing me back to riding around with Matty in the 4Runner. Good times.



  1. I wonder if Matt holds on to this memory as well.

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