Ch-Check It Out: All Things Halloween

Everyone knows that Halloween and October in general are two of my favorite things. Lucky for me, the folks at Baboon Creation feel the same way and made some adorable Halloween-related GIFs. Favorites include Edward Scissorhands, Slimer, and Beetlejuice.

Looking to build an awesome playlist for your costume party? Look no further! The Arts and Entertainment section of the Independent (a UK news outlet) created a 30 song playlist to get you started.

Do you like spooky, haunted buildings? If the answer is yes, then you are in good company! The folks over at Mental Floss wrote an article about 8 Haunted Places and the Ghost Stories Behind Them. It made me smile to see not one but TWO haunted locations in North Carolina. Maybe I can get Husband to take a drive and do some spelunking.

Speaking of ghostly sightings, Haunted Places offers a breakdown of haunted locales by state. You can narrow down the results further to list cemeteries, bridges, colleges, etc. Anyone brave enough to stay in a haunted inn?

Have your latest attempts at carving pumpkins been major Pinterest fails? Help is on the way! The amazing Mental Floss strikes again with 11 Tips for Carving a Better Jack O’Lantern. Did you know that the best way to keep your pumpkin from rotting in two days is to carve a hole in the back? The more you know.

Finally, bored with watching the same horror movies every October? Peruse Wikipedia’s GINORMOUS list of Halloween TV special/episodes. You may be surprised at what you find. I learned that Angela Anaconda had not one but TWO Halloween episodes. Time to youtube.


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