Ch-Check It Out: Badass Weapons, Dayman, and More

I’ve been mulling over doing a weekly or monthly post of all the cool things I’ve seen from other sites and want to share with the world. A lot of my favorite pop culture blogs do this and it’s been a fantastic way for me to learn about new sites and find amazing new reading/watching material. Here are some of the most interesting links I’ve come across this week:

Morph Costumes runs a brilliant blog with with fun stuff like “Hardest ever Mortal Kombat quiz” and a lot of Marvel centric articles. They recently posted an infographic ranking fictional weapons based on how badass they are. It was a lot of fun to see how they ranked Indiana Jones’s bullwhip and the phasers from Star Trek. My only quibble is that Mr. Pointy wasn’t featured. IT’S KILLED SO MANY VAMPIRES!

Speaking of amazing comic book related things, the ComicCon trailer of Batman v. Superman has hit the internet and it sucks balls. I’ve never been less excited about a superhero movie in my entire life. Then the genius that is the DayMan v NightMan trailer came to my life and now I am complete. I legitimately laughed until a small tear ran from my eye. If you don’t watch anything else today, please watch this. HYSTERICAL.

McSweeney’s published a list of words that kindergarteners should learn before first grade. If you aren’t reading the absurdist humor found on this site, you are truly missing out.

Someone finally animated part of “Do You Wanna Kill the Batman”, the only Frozen / Harley Quinn mashup that you never knew you needed.

I played with the Music-Map for hours (or minutes that seemed like hours). It’s a fun way to find new artists that are similar to what you’re already listening to. How else would I have discovered Streetlight Manifesto?

101 recommendations for teen shows to watch. I agree with SO MUCH of this list. I devour all things related to teen pop culture but there were even some shows that I haven’t seen yet. MUST WATCH ALL THE SHOWS.


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