Top 5 Dream Jobs

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about changing jobs. I know, I know- who would dare to dream of leaving the glamorous life of retail behind? The answer is me. I hate retail with the burning passion of a million suns. I can’t wait for the day when shops no longer exist at all, just large warehouses where robots pick all of your purchases and deliver them to your house. Talk about a dream come true.

I’ve been considering different careers, trying to zero in on what would make me happy, not put me in danger, and allow me to make enough money to keep living life. I’m very picky. Once I came up with a list of practical positions to seek out (hello administrative assistant!), I decided to branch out and daydream about the jobs I want. Not the ones I’m qualified for, or the ones that I actually have a chance of coming across in my tiny NC town. These are the jobs of my dreams people. Please feel free to share yours below!

1. Astronaut

When I was in eighth grade every student in my English class had to write a ten page paper on their dream occupation. Seeing as I’m an adventure seeker and lover of the vastness of the universe, I chose to write about being an astronaut. I had my plan all in place: I was going to get a degree in mathematics and become a Naval pilot. From there I would join NASA and spend the rest of my life piloting shuttles to previously undiscovered planets. Then I learned that shuttle pilots have to have 20/20 vision. Sadly my left eye is about 20/120 and the right isn’t much better. No go city.  At least I can still sit out on the back porch with Husband and look at the stars. He’s a much cuter star gazing partner.

2. Librarian

This is the only one of the dream jobs that is within my grasp. All I need to do is finish my bachelor’s degree, get a master’s in Library Science, and find a non-dying library. Totally attainable. To be surrounded by books all day and other people who love them as much as I do is my definition of Heaven.

3. Photographer

I love taking photos but have no clue about lenses, lighting, locations, etc. Basically all of the things it take to be a great photographer. I usually snap dozens of pictures hoping to get one that is worthy of Instagram. But wouldn’t it be amazing to travel the world (or even my tiny town) taking beautiful photos of people/places/things (in another word, nouns)? I’ve considered taking classes at the local community college to obtain skills but I think it’s one of those things people either innately have or do not have, and I most likely don’t have it. In the meantime I will continue to snap hundreds of pics of Husband and Dog 1 and Dog 2 simply because I love to.

4. Comic Book Writer

Taking over writing for the Justice League of America or creating my own comic for Vertigo or Dark Horse would be an absolute dream. I would love to do a real origin story for Joker, something dark and sad. Or create a new X-Men character that’s more popular than even Wolverine. Or I could write issues for iZombie or the Federal Bureau of Physics. It’s a world that I love and would be gleeful to participate in.

5. Gymnast

I always wanted to be a professional gymnast but have never had the body type. If I could suddenly shrink my frame by about half a foot and get rid of these hips, I’d be in serious business.


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