Top 5 Favorite Fictional Bands: Animated TV Edition

In doing research for my favorite fictional bands I came to the realization that I watch a lot of cartoons. I don’t know if it’s considered weird for a thirty year old to watch as much animation as I do, but I’m just gonna roll with it. Here are my selections for best bands from animated TV shows.

1. Jem and the Holograms / The Misfits – Jem

jemandtheholgrams themisfits

I know it’s a little bit cheating, but you can’t have one band without the other. Jem and the Holograms (for the uninitiated) are a totally outrageous eighties girl band who sang songs about being in love, fashion, and friendship. Pink-haired lead singer Jem is really Jerrica, a young woman who uses the holographic earrings her newly-deceased father left to morph herself and her friends into pop sensations. Confusing? Absolutely! On the other side of the fence are The Misfits, a group of edgy mean girl rockers who constantly try to maim/kill Jem and the Holograms while singing songs about cheating, selfishness, and greed. “Click Clash” sums up the band differences perfectly:

Best Jem songs: “Only the Beginning”, “Like a Dream”

Best The Misfits songs: “Winning Is Everything”, “Outta My Way”

2. The Beets – Doug


When I was a child of about seven or eight I had the evening routine almost every night of the week: come in from outside when it was dark out, eat dinner (usually spaghetti or the ever dreaded chicken on toast), watch the double line up of Rugrats and Doug, and go to bed. It was pretty awesome and I wish I had the same routine. Besides Quailman and basically everything Skeeter did, the best thing Doug brought to the table was The Beets, a Beatles imitation band that sang about tofu and allowance. Seriously, tofu. And it’s highly enjoyable. Not only as a fictional band song, but as a real song.

Best song: “Killer Tofu”

3. Chip Skylark – The Fairly OddParents


Who can resist the allure of Chip and his shiny teeth? Not Vicky and certainly not me. Chip Skylark is a pop sensation who sings about shiny teeth, finding your voice, happy birthdays, and insane babysitters who try to kidnap him and force him into marriage. Typical radio stuff.

Best songs: “Icky Vicky”, “My Shiny Teeth and Me (Shiny Teeth)”

4. Fingerbang – South Park


The boys of South Park decided to form a boy band and it was spectacular. Choreographed dance moves to lyrically inappropriate songs. Truly superb.

Best song: “Fingerbang”

5. Mystik Spiral – Daria


I’m not even going to act as though the music has anything to do with this one. It’s all about Trent, always and forever.

Best song: “Icebox Woman”

Honorable Mention: Big Nife


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