Top 5 Favorite Fictional Bands: Live Action TV Edition

Originally I was going to compile a list of five total fictional bands. How foolish I was. Once I started brainstorming all of the possible choices, I knew the list had to be split into at least two parts (if not three). Here are my picks for top five fictional bands from TV shows, live action edition.

1. Dingoes Ate My Baby – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Seeing as Buffy is my favorite television show in the entirety of creation, it should come as no shock that I have mad love for Dingoes Ate My Baby. They have a hot(?) lead singer, awesome bassist, and heavy rock sound. Practically perfect in every way.

Best songs: “Pain (Slayer Mix)”, “She Knows”

2. The Dalton Academy Warblers – Glee


I know it isn’t popular to like Glee or even to admit to watching it at this point, but I love anything and everything Darren Criss. You better believe that extends to The Dalton Academy Warblers. They sing a-capella (which I happen to love) and get to cover the best songs. If you doubt their amazingness, I direct you to Exhibit A below. Enjoy.

Best songs: “Animal”, “Raise Your Glass”, “Teenage Dream”, “Somewhere Only We Know”, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”

3. Creation – Freaks and Geeks


Musically this band sucks but I can’t help but feel endeared to them. Nick just tries so hard! His enthusiasm is boundless even when The Man (his father) tries to keep him down.

Best song: “Sunshine of Your Love”

4. Crucifictorious – Friday Night Lights


I just have four words for you: Christian speed metal band. If it’s good enough for Tim Riggins, it’s good enough for me.

Best song: unknown

5. The Twitty Stevens Connection – Even Stevens


After in band fighting and diva-like behavior, The Alan Twitty Project and The Louis Stevens Experience merge together to create the most excellent The Twitty Stevens Connection. They get to have their Beatles moment playing “Perfect Day” on the roof of the school. Perfect indeed.

Best song: “Perfect Day”

Honorable Mention: Hep Alien, 7 Degrees Celsius, The Zits, Downtown Sasquatch, Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution, Zack Attack, Frozen Embryos 


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