Mini Rant: Pinterest is Killing Me

It’s barely a secret at this point- Husband and I are trying to make a baby. We’re both very excited about the baby making process and the future result. Who wouldn’t be excited to create a future rocket scientist/model/violin virtuoso/pro athlete? I’m totally down with it. Absolutely looking forward to being covered in vomit and having to explain why erections happen (hopefully not at the same time). While we are very much in the beginning stages of trying to make Baby FH a real thing, my hyper obsessive, intensely organized brain is already kicking into baby gear.

Do you know how many hours a person can spend looking at elephant themed nursery items? I do and the answer is embarrassing. The largest cause of time suckage has been searching for DIY decor for our potential nursery/baby prison. I just cannot justify spending $179 on a large papier-mâché elephant head to mount on the wall for the following reasons: 1) I’m not made of money; 2) I don’t want my child to have nightmares about talking, disembodied elephant heads; and 3) What kind of parent would I be if I allowed my newborn to be crushed to death by papier-mâché? It’s seems obvious to me that DIY is the way to go; I’m pretty damn crafty and I already have a plethora of materials at my disposal. I mention this to my friends/coworkers/family and, naturally, I’ve been told to look on Pinterest.

So, here’s the thing- I really want to love Pinterest. All of the females in my life are totally into it. There’s a girl I used to work with who has decorated 80% of her house with DIY projects she got off the site. Bestie S is gathering tons of kick ass potential baby shower ideas. Even Mom has been known to send a pin or two my way when she finds awesome Halloween stuff. They all make it sound wonderful and totes amazing. And I understand where the love is coming from. So many ideas from all over the internet in one place! Convenient boards to organize your thoughts! Easy ways to let friends share things they’ve found!

Except I kind of hate it. The first time I encountered the site was when I was planning my backyard wedding. ALL of the virtues of the site had been preached to me over and over and over again. So I decided to check it out. DISASTER. If there is one thing people should know about me it is this: I am not a patient person (says the woman trying to have a child). Once I see an article/picture about mason jar flower holders, I do not want to see it again. I especially don’t want to scroll down and see the SAME EXACT THING 20 TIMES. Yet that is what happened.

Riddle me this- why can’t the IT folks helping to run the site come up with the lines of code that make a particular article appear once? I understand that an article titled “20 Tattoos That Couples Got Together That Don’t Suck Surprisingly and Are Really Rad” will contain twenty different photos and maybe some people would rather have each photo displayed in Pinterest rather than traveling to the origin site to read the article. But for those of us who are like, “Wow, I hate articles with hipster-y titles and would rather never see this again”, it would be much more convenient to click a button and never see that article again. Think about that Pinterest masterminds.

Also, why are stupid ads a thing? When I search for elephant nurseries in yellow, grey, and teal, I do not expect to see ads for jewelry and/or couches. Who puts a couch in a nursery? Really, if this is a thing, please let me know. I get that every site runs off ads now, but at least make them relevant. An elephant mobile from Pottery Barn Kids? High relevant! And maybe even a seller seeing as a person searching for nursery items probably wants nursery items. Just a thought.

Alright, mini rant for the day over. Back to hate-searching DIY on Pinterest.


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