Year of Reading: February 2015

So I’m already failing pretty hard at my year of reading challenge. I only read two books in February and one of them was a graphic novel. Major suckage. I’m trying to do better in March which means I’m simultaneously reading three books at once. It’s a little bit crazy.

February’s selections were decent. Two very different kinds of stories and not a Stephen King novel in sight!

p is for perilP is for Peril by Sue Grafton
Published: 2002
Pages: 384

I really wanted to like this book, especially after the unpleasantness that was reading Cursed. While I certainly enjoyed it more than that piece of crap, I wasn’t able to really fall in love. P.I. Kinsey Millhone (a name I could not remember for the life of me) is called to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Dowan Purcell (a name that sounds completely made up). While digging she uncovers insurance fraud at the nursing home he runs, bringing into question whether the doctor has simply taken the money and run, killed himself rather than be a scapegoat for his employers, or been murdered for uncovering shady dealings. It was interesting to follow Kinsey as she worked to uncover the truth behind Dr. Purcell’s last known days. Far less interesting was a side plot in which Kinsey attempts to rent new office space from a couple of handsome but suspicious characters. Just once I would like to read a novel about a female investigator that didn’t involve her love life.

Overall I appreciated the book for what it is: the sixteenth (!!) book in a series of murder mysteries. I felt that I was at a slight disadvantage when it came to connecting with Kinsey but I blame myself for jumping in mid-series. Had I read the first fifteen novels, I would have had a better understanding of her personality and history, and how those inform her actions. I recommend P is for Peril for casual mystery readers looking for light fare.

fbpvol1FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 1: The Paradigm Shift by Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez
Published: 2014
Pages: 160

I am in love with the FBP. Imagine a world in which physics as we know it has gone haywire; suddenly wormholes can open in your kitchen, gravity failures happen at school, and alternate dimensions are created. What is the government to do but to form an agency to handle such occurrences? Enter the Federal Bureau of Physics and Agent Adam Hardy.

The Paradigm Shift contains issues one through seven which follow Agent Hardy as he deals with closing a BubbleVerse. As if that doesn’t sound complicated enough, he has to combat a partner who is secretly working against him. There is betrayal, intrigue, and mystery. Will Hardy be able to seal off the BubbleVerse in time? What happened to turn his partner? Who or what is responsible for the death of his famous physicist father? I am eagerly looking froward to reading the next installment and (hopefully) finding some answers.

I am trying to dedicate more time in March to reading but have been finding it difficult so far. I can certainly promise that I will have read more than two books next time I check in!


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