For Your Consideration: The League, 2.07 “Ghost Monkey”

If you like funny things then you should be watching The League. It is a hilarious show about a group of friends who have a fantasy football league. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about football to enjoy the show.

One of my favorite episodes is the Halloween-centric “Ghost Monkey”. If you haven’t watched it, definitely check it out. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the sexy frog dance.



Why oh why would Jenny want to give fruit out for Halloween? Is she some kind of October Grinch? And yes, raisins do count as fruit. Kudos to Kevin for putting an end to that nonsense right quick.

Who doesn't love Butterfingers?

Who doesn’t love Butterfingers?

Poor Kevin. He sexualizes his daughter’s Brownie uniform. He IS the creepy guy now. But at least he isn’t as weird as Andre, who fantasizes about a sexy museum curator.

Kevin invites you slap on some fishnets and Mary Janes.

Kevin invites you slap on some fishnets and Mary Janes.

Only Taco (and possibly Ellie) would want to eat goat poop thinking it was meatballs. How old is Ellie? That seems like behavior for someone way younger than she appears. I probably just jinxed myself by saying that. Now I’m going to have the eight year old kid that tries to eat goat poop.

Or worse, my kid will grow up to be Taco.

Or worse, my kid will grow up to be Taco.

It’s eerie how much Kevin and I think alike at times. I’ve told numerous friends and Husband about how I don’t want to have a daughter because you have to worry about all the dicks around.

Too many dicks on the dance floor.

Too many dicks on the dance floor.

Pete picks a pumpkin and scores a date with a witch. If she was a real witch wouldn’t she be offended that he thinks a cheap black dress and stupid hat are all it takes to make an authentic witch? Can a practicing Wiccan please weigh in on this?

I feel like this screams the opposite of authentic.

I feel like this screams the opposite of authentic.

Of course Andre listens to Kesha radio on Pandora. That’s going to be my new go to insult. “Well you listen to Kesha radio on Pandora!” Nice product placement also.

Taco stole a monkey from the petting zoo. Oh Taco. You strange, strange man. What if that monkey was like the monkey in Monkey Trouble and was secretly a pickpocket? Taco could have all of his very few things stolen and given to an evil gypsy thief.

The horror on Andre's face is palpable.

The horror on Andre’s face is palpable.

Monkeys don’t like Andre or his music. So basically they are like everyone else in the world. Burn! That’s no reason to throw the monkey out of the window of a moving vehicle. I am very disappointed in Pete and Taco. I expected better from them. I hope the monkey does come back as a ghost and haunt them forever.

Pete did a very evil thing by putting Ruxin in charge of making his line up. What a mind fuck. So much second guessing. Pete is truly an evil mastermind.

To play Pierre Thomas or not to play Pierre Thomas? That is the question.

To play Pierre Thomas or not to play Pierre Thomas? That is the question.

Kevin’s idea for an adult Halloween party on wheels is amazing. I can totally see taking future kids trick or treating with a booze cart. In fact, that’s probably the only way Husband will come trick or treating.

IMG_1782 IMG_1783Jenny wants to slut up Halloween but she already promised Ellie she would be a fat frog. Note to future self: never promise children a certain costume. It will only lead to disappointment. Exactly at what age do children begin picking their own costume and dictating what their parents wear? When do they transition from coordinating with your costume and not the other way around?

IMG_1786 IMG_1787Is there really an app to track in which month you receive the most dates? The world is so creepy right now. What is the name and how many people are subscribed? IMG_1788 IMG_1789Ruxin is lurking in the dark outside of Kevin’s house like some kind of freak. Pete’s evil plan is working. Ruxin can’t stop thinking about who he should play on Pete’s team.

This is the face of a man who has officially gone off the deep end.

This is the face of a man who has officially gone off the deep end.

Who the hell doesn’t celebrate Halloween? Pete’s stupid Wiccan date from the pumpkin patch/petting zoo. Don’t get me wrong, Wiccans aren’t stupid. She is just stupid and happens to practice Wicca.

That should be Pete's warning to run.

That should be Pete’s warning to run.

Andre brings the poor girl he corned at the bar as a date for Halloween. And she is dressed as a sexy Brownie. And wants to take Ecstasy. Excellent choice to bring around a young, impressionable Ellie.

She looks like she's already been indulging.

She looks like she’s already been indulging.

Jenny is coming off really creepy by talking about how sexy Darcy’s witch “costume” is. Please stop talking about how she gets to show off her skin. It makes you sound like a serial killer.


Especially if you are dressed like a frog and making this face while you say it.

Darcy is redeemed by knowing a bit about monkey curses. And by apparently having a Ouija board and candles prepped in Kevin’s garage. Did she know she would be asked to communicate with the spirit of a possibly dead monkey? Is she also a psychic?!

Excuse me, it's a spirit board.

Excuse me, it’s a spirit board.

Ruxin lost to himself! And now he thinks the monkey (named Potato by Taco) and Pete are in on it together!

Who would attack an innocent ghost monkey with a golf club? Ruxin.

Who would attack an innocent ghost monkey with a golf club? Ruxin.

Taco wrote a song for Potato. It isn’t as good as Ellie’s birthday song, but it could be worse. Far worse. Too bad the monkey’s spirit isn’t satisfied. He wants a sacrifice! In fact, he demands it!

Mr. McGibblets makes an appearance! He is literally my favorite thing about The League. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am that he popped up.

"Tickle me, and rub my belly."

“Tickle me, and rub my belly.”

Jenny trying to do a sexy dance in her frog costume is almost pee worthy. It’s especially hilarious because I can picture friends of mine doing the same thing. I wonder how hard it would be to make a music video of women dressed as frogs attempting to dance sexy.

Naturally it would be set to "Ghost Monkey".

Naturally it would be set to “Ghost Monkey”.

Potato is alive! And he has come for his sacrifice in the form of humping Jenny’s frog costume. Poor, poor girl.

IMG_1798 IMG_1799


Andre as a doctor and Lanie as a Brownie

Andre as a doctor and Lanie as a Brownie

Ellie as a princess

Ellie as a princess

Jenny as a frog and Kevin as a gladiator

Jenny as a frog and Kevin as a gladiator

Pete as Pierre Thomas

Pete as Pierre Thomas


KEVIN: “You are so lucky.  You have a son, and you only have to worry about one dick.  When you have a daughter, you have to worry about everyone’s dick.  There’s so many dicks around.”

PETE: “You didn’t kill it.  Monkeys land their feet.  They’re like masturbating cats.”

RUXIN: “I feel like Jessica Tandy in Fried Green Tomatoes….without the lesbian stuff.”

TACO: “Guys we don’t know what we’re dealing with here.  It’s like that movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer.  But instead of a guy with a hook, we have a young monkey with a shared hatred for Andre’s taste in music.”

ANDRE: “She knows a bit about monkey curses? A bit? Didn’t get the whole diploma in monkey curses, just minored in it.”

KEVIN: “I wanna finish what that monkey started.”


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