Top 5 Favorite Disney Channel Original Movies

My favorite thing about The Disney Channel when I was growing up (besides Bug Juice) were the original movies that aired every couple/few months. There was no greater thrill than seeing the previews announcing the newest movie. I was recently watching Halloweentown (because duh) and began thinking about my favorite DCOMs, the best of the best. Naturally it evolved into a list because lists are my fave. Enjoy and please share your faves in the comments.

1. Stepsister from Planet Weird

Megan Larson is a normal teenager (annoying younger brother, crush on hottie popular guy, lust for popularity, windsurfing mother) whose life is turned upside down when her mother begins dating a nice but strange man named Cosmo Cola. With Cosmo comes his daughter Ariel, a weirdo who hides under cars from the wind, can’t ride a bike even if it has training wheels, and wears tons of layers of clothing to protect her ‘essence’. The kids at school think Ariel is cool and invite her to sit with them at lunch, much to Megan’s dismay. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it, because somehow no one I know has. Just know that it’s out of this world.

Not only does it have the best introduction to the most popular guy in school:

But this also happens:


And it’s both magical and frightening.

2. Motocrossed

Andy (Andrea) Carson wants nothing more than to be a motocross rider like her twin brother Andrew. When Andrew breaks his leg before a big race she goes undercover as her brother and starts kicking ass of the track. Along the way she develops a crush of Dean, a fellow rider who believes she is a boy. The movie is fun and Dean is super cute. I totally covered by school planner with pics of Riley Smith after seeing this movie.

Much like this one.

Including this one.

3. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

The year is 2049 and teenage Zenon lives on a space station with her parents and best friend Nebula (hi Raven-Symoné!). After getting into trouble she is sent to live with her aunt on boring old Earth (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style) . While enduring her punishment she comes across an evil plan to crash the space station. Now Zenon must save her home and family with the help of the new friends she made on Earth.

This movie has the following amazing things: young Gregory Smith, outer space, Proto Zoa, and an awesome music video.

4. Brink!

Erik von Detten (quite possibly the love of my life circa 1998) is Brink, a member of an rollerblading crew called Soul-Skaters. When his family starts having financial troubles, he leaves Soul-Skaters to skate for rival Team X-Bladz (and make some dough). Brink’s friends feel betrayed and disown him for selling out. Eventually Brink realizes that friends are more important than money and ditches Team X-Bladz to become a Soul-Skater once again. The morals are a little heavy handed but being immersed in the awesome world of in-line skating more than makes up for it.

Great advice.

Great advice.

5. The Luck of the Irish

Kyle is your typical popular basketball player until one day his lucky coin goes missing. He begins shrinking, his hair turns red, and his ears start becoming pointed. Kyle discovers that he is half Leprechaun! It turns out that his lucky coin was really a family heirloom that allowed his family to pass as normal. Now the family must band together to save the coin from the evil Seamus and restore luck to his family.

I initially watched the movie because I had a crush on Ryan Merriman. I stayed because it was hilarious. Case in point:


Honorable Mention: Smart House, Cadet Kelly, Halloweentown, Get a Clue, Lemonade Mouth


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