For Your Consideration: Halloween Edition, Year 2

It is October once again and if you’ve read my blog with any kind of regularity, you know what that means: all things Halloween! Last year I wrote about Hocus Pocus and a small handful of my favorite Halloween-themed episodes of television. I never did find the time to complete my (very short) list, so I thought I’d take another stab at it this year.

Here is a list of episodes that I didn’t make it to last year and hope to complete in the remaining couple of weeks. Wish me luck (and scares)!

  • The Office “Halloween”
  • New Girl “Halloween”
  • Jem “Trick or Techrat”
  • My So-Called Life “Halloween”
  • The League “Ghost Monkey”

I was able to complete six episodes last year, so getting to these five should be a piece of cake. A piece of really hard cake.

If there is a particular Halloween episode that I haven’t covered but you would like to get my take on, please note in the comments and I will try to make it a priority. Or put it on the list for next year. Sometimes my laziness knows no bounds. Happy October!


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