30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- Your least favorite movie

Wow. Final day of the challenge (which has been spread out over way more than 30 days due to multiple lapses in internet) and it ends on a sour note. Not the way I would choose to go out but it is what it is. And by that I mean that I found a challenge online and rather than change things around to end on a highlight, just straight up copied it. A movie has to be really terrible for me to dislike it. I usually give films a lot of leeway to be cheesy, kinda lame, or poorly produced. The one movie I absolutely hated (with every fiber of my being) was The Switch.

This poster is somehow the least offensive thing about the movie.

This poster is somehow the least offensive thing about the movie.

I assume you have never seen because you have taste, so I will give you a synopsis. The movie stars Jennifer Aniston as Kassie, a woman who wants to have a baby on her own so she finds a face to face sperm donor and has a party where he leaves his semen in a cup in her bathroom because that’s totally the way that works in real life. Jason Bateman (Wally, worst name ever) is her best friend who is not so secretly in love with her. He decides to replace her purchased sperm with his own after accidentally spilling the sample cup. And we’re not supposed to find this rapey. Forgive me for being unable to suspend my belief.

I once had respect for Jason Bateman as a comedic actor.

I once had respect for Jason Bateman as a comedic actor.

Wally promptly forgets about his deposit and Kassie gets pregnant, leaving town to have her baby out west. Several years pass by, and Kassie and Sebastian (now six or seven) return to the city and Wally. Surprise! Sebastian looks/acts like Wally. The writers aren’t ready for Kassie to be in love with Wally so she starts dating her original face to face donor. Just to up the creepy/strangeness factor. Donor proposes so Wally finally tells Kassie that he’s really Sebastian’s father. Kassie cuts him out of their lives until she realizes that she loves Wally so they get married and live happily ever after.

I don’t even know where to start. The premise is fucking ridiculous. Are face to face donors a real thing even? Ew. Just ew. And tricking your best friend into inseminating herself with your semen? Rapey and gross. It makes my skin crawl to think about it. Marrying the man that disrespected you enough to do something so heinous? It’s reprehensible and I want no part of it. The movie is grotesque and unfunny to boot. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The Switch

Just say no. A world of no.


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