30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 27

Day 27- Favorite classic movie

My favorite classic movie is Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman is fabulous (as usual) as a prisoner sent to jail for cutting the heads off parking meters. I’m not sure why he does it other than being drunk and maybe stealing the money inside? Can you cut the head off of a parking meter to get to the coin-filled center? If so, I’m surprised that more people aren’t doing it. Though, on second thought, it probably doesn’t yield a large enough payday. He mentions settling an old score but doesn’t elaborate so it may just be something he said. I’m going to go with him being drunk and causing drunk people trouble.


What kind of score could you possibly be settling?

It’s really difficult for me to nail down what exactly makes me so fond of the movie. Of course Paul Newman is a vision to watch on the screen. He is able to be funny, dark, and sorrowful, all in the same movie. I’ve posted before about the greatness of the scene where he sings “Plastic Jesus” after learning of his mother’s death. It’s haunting and lovely at the same time. The stops in his voice are almost too much for me to handle. I feel like that alone should have landed him an Oscar.


So sadness despite his coolness. Pun intended.

My absolute favorite scene in the entire movie is when Luke is challenged to eat fifty eggs. It’s completely absurd and one of the few comedic spots. Who believes that they can eat fifty hard boiled eggs in an hour? A quick internet search shows me that a woman has done it. In fact, she ate 50 in under seven minutes. I don’t know if I should be disgusted or impressed. I think deep down I’m a little bit of both.

He makes it look handsome.

He makes it look handsome.

Despite my lack of words, it’s a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it to everyone. EVERYONE. Watch now.


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