30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 23

Day 23- Your favorite character from any movie

Peter Pan is my fave movie character of all time, but again, I don’t want to rehash old posts. I thought it would be difficult to come up with an alternative character to write about. Lucky for me that wasn’t the case. My mind was almost immediately flood with awesome characters- Kenny from Can’t Hardly Wait, Lucas from Empire Records, Coop from Wet Hot American Summer, Edward Scissorhands, Ursula the Sea Witch. A diverse cast to say the least. Only one name stuck out from all the rest: my ideal man (boy?), Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. He’s gorgeous. Like, cut from marble perfection. Those soulful eyes. The kissable lips. That fantastic hair. It all creates a beautiful package.

Who knows what kind of deep thoughts are in that perfect head of hair?

Who knows what kind of deep thoughts are in that perfect head of hair?


Please wear tank tops always.


Is it weird to want a guy that perpetually bites his lower lip?

But he’s more than just a wonderful face and a great body. He has the kind of wisdom that you don’t find in most fully grown men, let alone high school boys. He is able to look past Samantha’s freckles, lack of boobs, and geeky sophomore status to recognize that she could be the girl for him.


He has the traditional smoking hot girlfriend at the beginning of the movie. But Jake wants more than a piece of ass (his words). He wants someone he can relate to and have a conversation with. Someone who won’t invite her friends to trash his parents house and leave him to clean up the mess.


He’s humble. He is surprised that Samantha would stare at him during class. Has he even looked in a mirror? Just look at the bashful way he stands when he greets Sam outside of the church. It’s freaking adorable.


He’s polite. The scene where he calls Samantha’s house and gets her grandparents on the phone is my favorite. What teenage boy would call your grandfather sir in real life? Or use the phrase”converse with her briefly”? The answer is none. And it makes me sad.

He gives the best birthday present in the entire world (or at least in my world). I am convinced that every girl wants to eat a birthday cake atop a dining room table with Jake Ryan. I certainly wish for it every year when I blow out my candles (or watch Samantha blow out her candles).

Sorry Husband, this is the perfect birthday.

Sorry Husband, this is the perfect birthday.


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