30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 22

Day 22- The most underrated movie

Damn, all the hard questions have been saved for the end, starting with this gem. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am not a fan of picking best and worst anything. What makes me qualified to choose? It’s all subjective anyway. For this reason I will choose ONE of my favorite underrated movies: Safety Not Guaranteed.

I say the movie is underrated because no one I know has heard of it, let alone seen it. Ask the average person on the street and they can name all of the Transformer movie titles but ask about a creative, funny, and touching independent film about time-travel and they look at you like you have a third eye. People are so depressing some times. Like, really fucking dismal.

I’ll give you that the premise sounds strange: low-level journalism intern responds to person ad posted by small-town eccentric looking for a companion to travel through time with. But isn’t it wonderful to hear such an original idea in a time when the film landscape is covered in sequels and remakes? Isn’t it refreshing to find a movie that isn’t Paranormal Activity 25 or Superman: The Grandpa Years (even though I’d totally watch the latter)? A well-executed unique premise is a thing of beauty.

Adventure time anyone?

Adventure time anyone?

I’m used to seeing Audrey Plaza play the same character over and over again. While she is doing April Ludgate-lite here, she has some real tender moments with Kenneth (Mark Duplass) that lends the character with a little humanity. I worried that the movie would be all about Darius (stupid name) mocking Kenneth and his time-traveling ambitions. While it certainly appears to be that way at the start, she quickly evolves into being his friend and the movie is all the better for it.

Sometimes you have to move beyond sarcastic bitch. But only some times.

Sometimes you have to move beyond sarcastic bitch. But only some times.

I loved seeing Mark Duplass play against smarmy type. Kenneth is no Pete from The League. For one, he has a soul. He wishes to go back in time to save a loved one. He is earnest where Pete is quippy. He is hopeful where Pete is cynical. In short, Kenneth is a delight. He even sings a song that he wrote, inspired by his lost love’s fondness for music. I never imagined that would happen when I watched the movie the first time.

Add in a large supporting role for Jake Johnson (one of my absolute favorites) and a cameo by Kristen Bell, and you pretty much have perfection. Not satisfied with that? Fine. It has guns and hilarious gun training. And by hilarious I mean log rolling across the lawn is involved. Brilliant. There is also a top-secret break in, reunited first loves, and tons of awkward flirting.

A tiny sneak preview.

A tiny sneak preview.

You should be fully convinced of the movie’s awesomeness now so go watch. You’re welcome.


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