30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 19

Day 19- Your favorite actor

You know, as much as I go on (and on) about the hot men I see on my various screens. I’ve never given much thought to having a favorite actor. Over time I’ve had favorite crushes but that only rates the face and body. A favorite actor should be rated on their ability to transform into different characters in such a way that you forget who you’re watching. They can deliver lame dialogue convincingly and elevate the performance of lesser actors around them. After great consideration I came up with one man that has talent, charisma, presence, and fantastic accents to boot. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the great Mr. Gary Oldman.

This also.

This also.

Gary has appeared in a wide range of movies since 1982, when he landed his first role in Remembrance. He has since starred in quiet indies, superhero blockbusters, gothic horror, and sci-fi remakes. He has played Sid Vicious, Lee Harvey Oswald, dracula, Pontius Pilate, and Detective Jim Gordon. Additionally, he has played a wizard, a rabbi, a reverend, a scientist, a terrorist, and one of Hannibal Lecter’s lovers/victims. One might say the man has all the faces.

He elevates the less talented (and sometimes talent less) when he acts with them. When he appears on the screen as Dracula, somehow Keanu Revves’s performance becomes serviceable, or at least far more believable than in the scenes without Gary. for a second you forget that he’s Sad Keanu and believe he is Jonathan Harker, the man hunting an evil vampire that seduced his bride to be. You begin to take him seriously.

Well, as serious as you can take him.

Well, as serious as you can take him.

Furthermore, the man has a great sense of humor. Have you ever seen his read the mean tweet about himself? Priceless. Just like the man himself.



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