30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 17

Day 17- The best movie you saw during the last year

This is a really difficult post to write. I watch a ton of movies; every week I have my Netflix disc(s), hit the Redbox for three or four movies, plus catch new movies using On Demand. Wow. Seeing it in print is a little overwhelming. Why am I not getting paid to watch movies? I would obviously be the best at it. Any way, back to the task at hand. Choosing the best of anything is an intense process. How do you rate comedies against dramas? Or limited-release independents with big-budget flicks? Do you consider movies with prolific actors to be above those featuring lesser-knowns or character actors? So much to take into account. It is for this reason that I won’t name a best movie, but one I was very pleasantly surprised by: The Pretty One.

The premise is such: a pair of adult twins, one shy and one outgoing, reunite to celebrate their birthday. Shy Laurel, the late-bloomer who has chosen to live with their father, gets a makeover to look more like Audrey, her city-living, exciting job having twin. On the way home (before anyone can see or hear about the makeover), they are involved in a car accident and Audrey is killed. Laurel awakens with memory loss and believes her family when they tell her that she is Audrey. As luck would have it, Laurel/Audrey remembers her true identity on the morning of her funeral. Unable to bring herself to tell her family, she moves into Audrey’s life. Laurel/Audrey finds herself dealing with a new job, a married boyfriend, and an adorably awkward tenant/next-door neighbor.


I will admit, the first ten minutes or so were a tad boring. Laurel starts out painfully (and stereotypically) shy. She is an adult who chooses to live at home with her father, making him breakfast every morning and working alongside him as a painter of replicas. She loses her virginity to a teenage boy she used to babysit. It’s difficult to sympathize with her, to see her as anything other than a weirdo. Audrey is the typical “other twin”. The one who wears bold lipstick and laughs loudly. The one who was brave enough to move away from home and live on her own. Very predictable.

You can tell Laurel is on the bottom because she has the awkward hands.

You can tell Laurel is on the bottom because she has the awkward hands.

Then Laurel undergoes her makeover, getting her hair cut just like Audrey and wearing a dress that her sister picked out. I thought the movie was morphing into a psychological thriller/horror movie- something along the lines of Single White Female. A movie that I wasn’t interested in watching. But I was lucky and it didn’t. Instead I was treated to a unique coming of age story.

Stalker moment in the making.

Stalker moment in the making.

Laurel steps into Audrey’s shoes and out of her comfort zone. She learns to speak to people through her new job as a realtor for a boutique real estate agency that specializes in selling fairy tale homes. She begins to stand up for herself when she dumps Audrey’s boyfriend, a man that is revealed to be married to her very pregnant boss. She learns to love herself as she falls in love with Basel, her quirky next-door neighbor and tenant.

Sexing with Jake Johnson would make me smile too.

Sexing with Jake Johnson would make me smile too.

Parts are sad and parts are funny, just like real life. I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy awkward romantic comedies with a tinge of tragedy.


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